Ganta Ebola Monument Center dedicated

Ganta Ebola Monument CenterThe Government of Liberia in collaboration with the Nimba County Ebola Task Force has dedicated a US$25,000 Ebola Monument Center in honor of great heroes and heroines (health workers), who fought the deadly Ebola Virus Disease in Nimba, including survivors and those, who lost their lives to the virus there.

Speaking during the dedicatory ceremony recently in Ganta, the head for the Nimba County Health Team, Dr. Collins S. Bowah, said the monument is in memory of all those, who helped in the Ebola fight in the county.

Dr. Bowah said the monument is also an expression of appreciation to health workers for their sacrificial roles during the pandemic and will severe as a symbol for unborn generation.

Also speaking at the dedicatory ceremony, the president of the Nimba County Community College, Dr. Yar Donlah Gonway Gono, and the college vice president for administration, Madam Daiba Tozay both stressed that the center should be used to promote unity and love among the people of Nimba.

The Liberian educators noted that the monument should represent all those who contributed in eradicating Ebola out of the county. Nimba County Superintendent, Fong Zuagele, said the US$25,000 monument is a symbol of unity, which indicates that much could be achieved if a people were united in fighting a common enemy.

Superintendent Zuagele said the theme for celebrating an Ebola freed Nimba is “Remaining Vigilant”, which said will be used to promote unity among the citizens. Meanwhile, the county Wednesday honored several local and international non-governmental organizations for their roles in the fight against Ebola.

Development Superintendent, Dorr Cooper, commended the various NGOs in helping to construct the Ebola monument center in Ganta. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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