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Ganta: Two Motorcyclists killed In Accident

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At about 10 to 11 pm on 24 May 2010 a motorcycle with two persons on board collided with a vehicle belonging to the rubber purchasing company called “Lee Group Enterprises” located in Bong County, Liberia, killing the two instantly.

According to the Ganta Police detail, the car was travelling to Tappita where they have one of their buying stations from Bong and accidentally collided with the bike. One of those killed is identified as Mark Cooper, age 19 and a resident of Ganta.

The body of Mark has been turned over to his father, Prince   Queeglay and it had been deposited at the Abraham Roberts Funeral Home in Ganta.

The other body is yet to be identified. Police authorities say they are making all efforts to get the family of the unidentified victim, but that investigation was ongoing. 

The incident nearly spark a riot from the beginning but with backing of UNMIL BANBATT 18 and UNPOL, the LNP was able bring it under control.

There was suspected threat from the motorcyclists in Ganta to burn the car which was involved in the accident, police say. The latest incident brings to seven, the number of people killed in accidents involving motorcycles alone in Nimba County, this year.

At least four persons died between March and April when two motorcycles collided, while coming from opposite directions. One of the bikes was carrying gasoline which caused explosion immediately after the collision.

Recently, another accident on Sanniquellie highway involving two motorcyclists left a District Health Officer, Moses Gonpue dead. Sources, said his bike was ran into by another from the opposite direction.

The wave of death involving motorcyclists is becoming alarming with many calling on the government to take some measures that will ensure safety for riders.

Meanwhile, the Police Commander in Ganta, Inspector Lyndon Johnson is calling on the citizens to come and identify the unknown body of the other victim.

“We are calling on the town chiefs, Zone chiefs and others citizens who had lost or had not seem friend or relative for some times to come to the Ganta police Station so as to see the body.

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