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Gardnerville Commissioner threatened with lawsuit

The spokesperson for aggrieved residents of Gardnersville Township Mr. Philip I. Gloto says he and his group will file a lawsuit against Commissioner Vamba F. Kanneh if mediation by some leaders does not produce any fruitful result.

He threatens to file the lawsuit at the Gardnersville Magisterial Court to ensure that Commissioner Kanneh accounts for every cent he allegedly collected in the name of the township, following a closed door meeting held over the weekend with the aggrieved party and Commissioner Kanneh.

According to Mr. Gloto, they are preparing all necessary documentary evidences along with an official complaint to the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA). Mr. Gloto and his associates are accusing Commissioner Kanneh of continuously reporting to work, allegedly signing document and issuing Sundays and holidays permission document to businesses.

They claim that Commissioner Kanneh is collecting money and diverting it into his personal use, allegedly leaving the town hall in deplorable condition.

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According to Mr. Gloto, despite President George Manneh Weah’s mandate directing all former government officials of former President Ellen Johnson – Sirleaf’s government to seize to operate, Mr. Kanneh has allegedly ignored the President’s directive and has refused to abide by the directive.

But when contacted, Commissioner Kanneh has informed this paper that he could not comment on the prevailing situation between him and Gloto and his associates.

He says the matter is being investigated by a group of community leaders within the township.

By Emmanuel Mondaye–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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