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Gay Rights vs. Western Aid: A Patriotic Voice


This write-up gives a cherished pat to The New Dawn’s editorial: Gay Rights vs. Western Aid, carried in the January 10, 2012 edition of the daily. The editorial is a mournful cry against the invasion by spineless and sinister persons in our Liberia and Africa whose ultimate quest in their world is the breath-choked pursuance for questionable ‘money’. Likes of these persons argued that it’s sheer failure in God’s given-life for a man/woman to be a poor at age 40 ‘when you should have got your own car, house and a sparkling spouse’. This heartless greed for money drives this mindless quest. Archie Ponpon is just an errand boy, who damning his name, chooses to herald the immoral call for legalizing same sex marriage in this vulnerable Liberian society.

History of same Sex Marriage

Surely challengingly, Africa has never been a home to that immoral act by men of inordinate greed. History tells us that Europe, Rome in particular, and China’s Fujian Province are the birth places of same sex in ancient times. And in the same Asia, Sodom and Gomorrah, the Bible, Christian worshipful book, tells us, were home to same sex practice. As the act is inimical to God’s will, these cities were banished from the face of mother earth. Today, Netherlands is the first nation in the world to grant same sex marriages. And a number of countries have long given due recognition to this moral-invading practice. They are:

2003: Belgium
2005: Canada and Spain
2006: South Africa
2009: Norway and Sweden
2010: Portugal, Iceland and Argentina

United States of America, the champion advocate, is yet to federally recognize same sex marriage. She does so on moral ground as such act is traditionally unwarranted, yet uses her money power to mislead economically weaker states, particularly African States and their spineless officials of government, to not only formalize it but legalize same. She is now joined by Great Britain to drunken undefined African officials of government to grant legal status to this ugly act, under the cover of promoting citizens’ liberty.

The Challenge

A consistent and concerted citizen action must be demonstrated at exposing the practice and practitioners. Sex posts, sugarcoated as ‘motels and hotels’ must have their business licenses revoked and management chastised by citizen action and law to be enacted. The wholesome action will surely banish this ugly behavior from Liberia and Africa.

Our representatives as well as the so-called exposed and experience (African commuters in America and Europe) are the real hunts or conduits of the American and Britain advocates, who having lived their lives, can push their legislators into believing in it; a sort of front men. Liberians look with eagle’s eyes at the attitude of their representatives in particular and the officials of government in general to rise up against this un-African act and say a big NO consensually, and go straight ahead with enacting laws that would banish the practice and practitioners from our Liberia from where not many, say 99.9%, Liberians will never have the opportunity to travel out to America and Europe and return with suspicious wealth.

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We crave the moral and God-fearing rectitude of our GOL officials and all Liberian boys and girls in congruence to say NO to this ugly behavior. Let us despite the lure and enticement that money bears and brings to its recipients. Liberians and Africans must muster the courage in the face of dire desperation for development funds to vehemently resist any invasion of their cherished heritage by insidious Judases. They come and exist in many a multiple shades and forms; so-called childhood relationship, out-goers, popularity seekers, fraternity participants, wealth and power maniacs, etc.

The larger voice of the Liberian people, the church, mosque, press, civil society, politicians, the intelligentsia, not the elites, must RISE and FIGHT the institutionalization attempt, legal or informal practice, from taking hold, even erasing it from the mind and blood of Liberians and Africans.

It is hard time that Liberia and Africa review those western practices we’ve institutionalized: marriage system, language, education, dress code, political culture¸ etc. By these borrowings, we are in their checks. Liberians must look out for those kinsmen of ours who, under the guise of being educated and well-travelled and experienced, are pushing DUAL CITIZENSHIP, GRANTING CITIZENSHIP TO WHITES, thereby enjoying all appertaining rights and privileges thereto. The case of South Africa must stand up AFRESH in our minds!

We as a nation and continent are facing herculean and incessant attacks at infesting and invading our heritage. So-called modernization and globalization spree must not sway us away from ourselves.

To President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, GOL and the civil society of Liberia, we challenge you to be steadfast, committed, and unswerving at saying NO to infesting Liberia and Africa for money—DEVELOPMENT AID —from our cherished traditional friend America, who is abusing us because we are poor! Bravo to The New Dawn!

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