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Gbagbo’s Man Arrested in Liberia

Isaac Chegbo, otherwise Known as General Bob Marley, who reportedly headed a 45- man squad of Liberian mercenaries to fight in Ivory Coast has been arrested in Grand Gedeh County by joint security of officers.

General Bob Marley was arrested at Gbarbo Town check point when security officers searched a vehicle heading to Putu Pennoken.

During the search, Isaac Chegbo, 39, a resident of Putu Pennoken in Grand Gedeh County was arrested with a berretta pistol which contained nine rounds, four (4) magazines and 51 rounds (9mm) ammunition. Report says Isaac is a resident of that area but he had been living in Ivory Coast since 2002.

He told security officers after his arrest, that he saw no reason to stay in the Ivory Coast when Laurent Gbagbo had been captured. He said he made away with one AK 47 rifle and a berretta pistol from the Ivory Coast. The rebel general is reported to have told security officers that he left the AK 47 rifle in the Cavalla River, while crossing from Ivory Coast to Liberia.

He further explained that he brought the pistol to Liberia for what he called self-defense. General Bob Marley also told state security that though he recruited 45 Liberians from Liberia to fight in the Ivory Coast, additional 100 men were added on his Liberian squad making it the total of 145 men under his control in Ivory Coast.

Bob Marley also said his recruitment came about when he told the Gbagbo Camp that he was an ex-MODEL fighter here in Liberia, something he said qualified him to get the new job in the Ivory Coast.

According to him, there were many Liberians who crossed the Cavalla River to Liberia after their boss Gbargbo was captured, but said his friends went in different directions. He is said to have entered Liberia with many looted items and about 15,000CFA, valued at US$3000.

Police Director Marc Amblard, confirmed the information, but promised to provide details after an investigation. He further explained that the suspect had been charged with illegal possession of fire arm. But according to Sam D. Kun, NSA personnel, Chegbo was Laurent Gbarbo’s Army General and is also known as General Bob Marley in the Ivory Coast.

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He also said that the suspect was operating in Kwasiyekro and Gboleken towns in Ivory Coast and retreated to Gia town on the Liberian side, where he used as a base to attack in Ivory Coast. He said Chegbo retreated until the situation became worse and he decided to come back to his home in Putu. The Gia town is near Vleyee Town at the border with Ivory Coast.


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