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GC brainstorms on security sector

GC brainstorms NDThe Governance Commission (GC) has conducted a forum in Monrovia, brainstorming on Liberia’s Security Sector, particularly training executed by the United Nations for the Liberia National Police – its effectiveness, results, and future implications.

GC’s YarsuoWeh- Dorliae, who presented the topic, said, the overarching objective is to build stable democratic regimes in post-conflict, but fragile Liberia.  He said international police reform has become an integral component of post- conflict peacekeeping and state building operations of the United Nations.

UNMIL police reform intervention provided an opportunity to assess how the UN has used international police reform standards to recruit, train, equip, and deploy the LNP to effectively maintain law and order and gain public confidence.

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However, Mr. Dorliae said, international police reform efforts have not always been successful, as there are many challenges within the international police reform that are relatively new with fewer credible models of policing.

“Against this backdrop”, he continued, “the purpose of mixed methods study was to understand how UNMIL training affected effectiveness of performance and public confidence in the ability of the Liberia National Police to maintain law and order.”

Analysis of UNMIL police training the GC executive noted, have revealed mixed results and impacts on the effectiveness of police performance in Liberia, noting that qualitative findings show the Government of Liberia failed to take ownership of its training program and to provide leadership and adequate resource support to complement the training due to weak commitment.

By Bridgett Milton – Editing by Jonathan Browne

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