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Gedeh Rep Gets 2nd Term ‘Green Light’

Report emanating from Grand Gedeh County electoral District Three suggests that citizens and residents have agreed to re-elect Representative Alex Chersia Grant during the 2017 Presidential and Representative elections.

According to the report, clans and administrative districts are planning mass meetings in their respective locals to finalize a petition. The meetings scheduled for March this year will afford each citizen the opportunity to officially and traditionally affirm his or her support to the second-term bid of their current Lawmaker.

Confirming the report, an Elder of Gbao Clan, Robert Tojalah: “If someone who is seated in a dark place asked you to take a seat by him, do it, because he/she can clearly see things in that arena better than you do.”

“So, if the current Representative tells us to vote for him again, we will do it; we know what he is capable of doing. All along, Gbao did not produce a Representative or Senator until 2011 when Alex Chersia Grant was elected. We will not allow this power to go off our hands carelessly. Only sense and unity can make us keep this Representative seat and we will use them to maintain it,” said Elder Tojalah.

As Representative Grant tours his district this festive season, it is the expressions on the smiling faces of elders, women and youth who spent long hours waiting on his arrival that suggest their resolved to give him a second-term in office. Though several individuals are expressing interests to contest the district representative position, according to the report, local politicians in Gbarzon mirror Grant as the ultimate choice.


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