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Gender condemns Author Isaac Vah Tukpah

By Kruah Thompson

The Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection has woefully condemned what it describes as disdainful and dehumanizing characterization of womanhood deplorably wrapped in an unauthorized book co-authored by Mr. Isaac Vah Tukpah, former Chief of Staff to opposition leader Mr. Alexander Cummings. 

The Ministry says it finds the smear campaign and groundless onslaught against Liberia’s First Lady Clar Marie Weah, and her family as a national shame that must be condemned by all irrespective of political difference.

“Whilst we heighten all efforts to curb acts that publicly violate the rights of women and girls, the Ministry finds it troubling, the denigrating falsehoods written in such an unorthodox manner about women.”

Gender Minister Williametta Saydee-Tarr addressing a news conference on February 1, 2021, condemned the form and manner in which Mr. Tukpah and his accomplice disdainfully used denigrating words to describe a woman as they fell from the sky.

The Minister says she views such an onslaught as a serious threat to the huge stride made over the years to ensure that the message of gender sensitivity resonates with all sectors, tribes and classes regardless of political or religious affiliations or differences.

She notes that the so-called levelheaded and perceived highly educated men have underestimated, undermined, compromised and politicized their push to end violence against women, girls and children.

“We would have thought that Mr. Tukpah, claiming to be so educated and civilized would know better than to portray a woman in such a manner, especially based on lies created in his mind.”

Minister Tarr continues that her ministry takes seriously the negative descriptions against womanhood, as depicted by excerpts being posted around, and that the attacks on the mother of President George Weah, his beloved grandmother and Liberian women as a whole are a decry or vile literature in the highest term written by a showboating, pretentious false pretender.

She calls on social media bloggers, radio talk show hosts, the print media and all to disengage from sharing content from the book – as doing so, “you are equally promoting the abuse on womanhood and reinforcing the trauma the First Family are experiencing.”

“Our call as a Ministry to bring the publishers to book is a continuation of countless condemnations against cyberbullying, domestic violence and sexually related offenses against women, girls and children. This is totally unacceptable!” She stresses.

Additionally, the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection calls on the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), particularly the Women Wing of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) to also condemn the show of shame aided and abetted by Mr. Isaac Vah Tukpah, a staunch member of the party.

Author Tukpah is being held in Police custody after he was intercepted near the Bo Waterside border with neighboring Sierra Leone. Editing by Jonathan Browne


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