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Gender Coordinator Indicted -Following Hotel Fight

River Gee County Attorney Cllr. Wesseh A. Weeseh says the county’s Gender Coordinator Veronica Tanyon, has been  indicted with aggravated assault, and is  to face trial before the Fish Town Circuit Court during the February 2013 Court Term.

Attorney Wesseh said defendant Tanyon allegedly stabbed victim Margret Steward (Dzienya) in the head and took away her (victim’s) US$700.00 as well as spoiling her jewelries last week. Victim Margret, who was indicted on 12 December 2012, is the daughter of Fish Town City Mayor Martha Jarboe.

This paper has gathered that the Gender Ministry in Monrovia indefinitely suspended without pay, defendant Tanyon, a week after she allegedly stabbed victim Margret Steward (Dzienya) over man conflict in Fish Town.

On December 11, 2012, Deputy Gender Minister for Planning and Administration Andrew G. Tehmeh informed defendant Veronica Tanyon that she was indefinitely suspended without pay for engaging in act incompatible with the standard and value of her office as County Gender Coordinator and the Ministry of Gender and Development as a whole.

In the communication, Tehmeh said lifting the indefinite suspension against defendant Veronica would be subject to the outcome of the criminal case currently against her in Fish Town, River Gee County.

He further instructed defendant Veronica to turn over all properties of the ministry in her possession to Neilan Quaye, a social worker of the ministry assigned in the county to act pending outcome of the case.

“It is my expectation that you will act urgently to this matter,” Tehmeh is quoted in the communication as saying.

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Our River Gee County source informed this paper last week that on Wednesday night, defendant Tanyon – believed to be a widow, engaged her boyfriend only identified as Morris at “Uncle Ben Hotel” where both of them were said to be residing into a fight upon seeing Morris with her mate Margret at the hotel.

Morris is said to be an employee of UNHCR with assignment in Harper, Maryland County. During the tussle, the source said Veronica allegedly stabbed Margret in the head, inflicting severe wound on the victim. Margret was reportedly rushed to the Fish Town Health Center for medication.

The victim’s mother Mayor Jarboe said defendant Veronica and Morris were both residing in the hotel where her daughter (Margret) had gone to do some work on a computer with Morris.

Mayor Jarboe said she intends transferring Margret to Monrovia to undergo X-Ray, but “investigators said the victim should not leave the county until they get all necessary information.”

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