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Gender Ministry to pay US$100 fine

In compliance with a litigation process involving an alleged human trafficking case at Criminal Court “A”, the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection (MoGCSP) says it has agreed to pay a US$100.00 fine imposed by Resident Circuit Judge Roosevelt Z. Willie.

In a release dated 2 July, the Ministry says its decision to pay the fine is predicated upon Judge Willie’s ruling on Friday, 29 June following a Writ of Subpoena from the court.

But the Ministry however clarifies that prior to the court’s decision, it received no official complaint or any record concerning the alleged trafficking case. It says it elects to honor the court’s decision and show respect for the rule of law.

“We would like to emphatically state that MGCSP is committed to following this case to its logical conclusion,” the release says.Gender Ministry says it was subpoenaed along with the Ministry of Labor and the Liberia National Police based on a trial which began since November 30, 2017.

The case involved a victim and her daughter and an alleged trafficker, Gender Ministry says. It says there was a query on why were the victims returned to Sierra Leone prior to court’s hearing.

But the Ministry assures its fullest commitment in safeguarding national compliance to all international conventions on women and children, vulnerable, excluded, marginalized groups, and persons with disabilities.

“Additionally, we remain unwavering on regulating the operations of orphanages, children’s homes and foster and alternative care programs inclusive of the regulation of the adoption of children,” the release says further.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Gender warns against the unlawful practice of trafficking women and children.It states that such illegal act inhumanly violates the rights of women and children, saying culprits must be prosecuted within the context of the laws of Liberia.The Ministry concludes that it will continue to diligently work with the Judiciary and other line Ministries to combat this dreadful act.–Press release

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