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George Dweh caught pants down!

Mr. George Dweh, a former House Speaker and official of the defunct rebel group Movement for Democracy in Liberia or MODEL, has been cut with his pans down as he tries to dupe the government of Taiwan, under the guise of being President Sirleaf’s special envoy leading a discussion for the establishment of a bilateral relationship.

Dweh apparently very broke by now since his wealth accrued during the bloody Liberian civil war both as one of the late Samuel Doe’s death squad commanders and his last job as speaker in the erstwhile Transitional Legislative Assembly representing MODEL were depleted tries to make his last dash at the expense of Taiwan but forgot to buckle up his belt.

Dweh desperate for a comeback allegedly wrote two separate communications each dated August 19, 2016 respectively, addressed to the government of Taiwan signifying bilateral discussions for the establishment of an economic trade link withthe Liberian Government.

But little did he know that the Government agents had kept their eagle eyes on him and were willing to expose his scam big time by publicly denouncing his criminal activities as a looser. In a press release issued Wednesday November 23, the Liberian Government confirmed that it had been alerted of the former MODEL official’s criminal escapade.

“Mr. Dweh is a former government official, who in no way is or has been an official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, nor has he had any official relation with the Ministry or is an envoy of the President of Liberia,” the government through the Foreign Ministry wrote.

“The government wishes to make it clear that Mr. Dweh has never, at any time, held meetings with any official of the Ministry on any matter relating to the Republic of Taiwan. The Government of Liberia takes this matter very seriously and, because of the gravity, has alerted the relevant security agencies to investigate the matter so as to avert a diplomatic faus pas with the friendly Government of the People’s Republic of China as well as to determine his motivation for this dubious overture,” the government release said.

It added that the Government of Liberia reaffirms its commitment to the “One China Policy” and its support to China’s concept of “one country, two systems” and every effort by the Chinese Government to achieve national reunification.

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Interestingly, Dweh’s scam has been uncovered at the time China has just broken grounds to kick start the construction on a new airport passenger terminal and rehabilitate runway 04-22, which were destroyed during the bloody civil, which left over 200,000 Liberians dead and properties worth billions destroyed.

B y Othello B. Garblah

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