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Special Feature

George Weah and CDC matters‏

Some of us cannot pretend towards the discomforting political intolerance towards the Congress for Democratic Change and the disconcerting against a Liberian patriot, CDC Ambassador George Manneh Weah, who only ambition is to exercise his natural and constitutional rights; and obligations in service to his people.

The sanity of the Liberian so-called “educated class” is dangerously disturbing, in condemnation of the least in our society, ordinary people who have decided to govern themselves, by choosing their own leader-GEORGE WEAH- to represent their interest. How can an educated Liberian resist the people demands for socio-political transformation-TO improve their living conditions?

Frank Fanon was correct in “wretched of the earth” regarding the “bad faith” of the elites in our society, who pretend to seek the interest of ordinary people but vehemently hold strong disdain for people’s government. This is why the CDC and George Weah matters, to marshall political troops, to shatter the mythology of a political incompetent group of Liberians, only showing academic achievement as leadership credential. Being an A student in the school-house and getting all the big big degrees in this world, is not, in and of itself a qualification for national leadership.

The CDC and George Weah matters because for once in the period of our nation’s history, unhinge by the demands for upward social mobility, we the ordinary citizens of Liberia have demonstrated the courage to challenge existing political power structure and educated tyrannical norms. The personal courage shown by Ambassador George Weah has sustained the commitment of grassroots leadership, in the face of a cruel elite political class that has done everything within its power to crush the aspiration of a suffering people.

Through uncertainty and personal risk, and with proven ability to rise about the HATE-FILL political discourse in our nation, Weah and the CDC has remain law abiding, boldly confronting the dual fallacy of educated tyranny and international selection of the Liberian president- IT IS TIME FOR THE PEOPLE TO RULE THEMSELVES.

The singular inexhaustible and visible commitment by Weah and the CDC, towards a better Liberia, insisting that democracy must flourish at all cost, bear testimony to the exciting, worthwhile and essential epoch which birth the grassroots movement of the Mighty Congress for Democratic Change-the people’s party. Indeed, not only that CDCians continue to face setbacks; the challenge to demolish huge political bottlenecks by ordinary citizens, pillar on the personal initiative of our nation’s living legend, George Weah remains the motivating trust that propel the hopes of CDCians- IT IS TIME FOR THE PEOPLE TO RULE THEMSELVES.

Thus, the CDC and George Weah matters, because there is a realization that strident crusading, grandstanding, and self promotion are drawbacks in a fragile society like ours. While being condemn for not perfecting the old Liberian political destructive behavior of violent confrontation, the CDC political strategy couches uncertainty that demonstrates the true quality of a real political opposition-journeying in a shadow pathway under the protection of the Almighty, while awaiting a table in the midst of enemies- IT IS TIME FOR THE PEOPLE TO RULE THEMSELVES.

The CDC and George Weah matters because they have shown their widow might in the midst of unparallel social inequalities in our nation, which leaves the poor suffering while political looters and rapists mortgage the future in self gluttony. Yes, the attempt by George Weah and CDC is laughable to the Liberian miseducated tyrants and hostile intellectuals , laughing at the fact that some nobodies who have not been to some IVY League School holds the audacity to govern our nation. Wait ! The emperor is still wearing clothes- Gosh! IT IS TIME FOR THE PEOPLE TO RULE THEMSELVES.

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On the altar of Jehovah, I pledge undying resistance to undemocratic choice for the Liberian presidency. Excuse me while I throw out.
About the Author: Chorphie Charlie is a Social and Political Commentator residing inPhiladelphia, USA. Email: gbanapekin@hotmail.com

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