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G/Gedeh: Citizens on Witchcraft Hunt

The people of Gbarzon Statutory District in Grand Gedeh County have once more turned to prophets to clean their land of alleged witches since the government barn on sassy wood.

Dist. Supt Seeks Establishment of Witchcraft Court

A self-styled prophet is currently in the district identifying alleged witchcrafts practitioners as he claimed be cleansing them of the practice.

The citizens action comes at a time the Gbarzon Statutory District Superintendent Henry Zohnway, is calling for the establishment of a witchcraft court, saying, the practice of witchcraft also known as voodoo exists in the district.

Prophet Papa John, according to the Gbarzon Statutory District Superintendent Henry Zohnway, has identified twenty persons allegedly responsible for the backwardness of the area and death of several youngsters to their early grave through witch activities.

But one of the unnamed alleged sixty-five years old woman said she was abused by the so called Prophet Papa John who said she is a witch.” He says I in witch oo, but I say I na in witch, then he slapped my mouth, I still say I na in witch, then he slapped my noise. Six o clock, I was lying down on the ground he kick my foot, I still say I na in witch.” the old woman explained.

Superintendent Zohnway, also speaking to this paper, acknowledges the shaving of the head of those accused but said it has been done voluntarily for their own cleansing. He said witchcraft court is a remedy in reducing dark powers in the area.

“No one will be crazy enough to not believe this, when four or five persons walk and say you and I did this thing, and then people say it is not scientific. It is unacceptable! We can’t sit in our own towns and villages and the very children who are the future leaders are being temper with, then people say this thing is not scientific let leave it. No, we will not leave it! There is a need for a witchcraft court to be established here to deal with this,” he said. 

The Grand Gedeh County official has called on the central government to establish a witchcraft court in his County. Superintendent Zohnway said the court will reduce the increase in witch activities in his district since sassy wood has been abolished by the government.

In view of the Superintendent’s pronouncement, civil society organizations in the county have described the ongoing exercise as troubling. The Coordinator of the Liberia Democratic Institute Grand Gedeh branch, Mr. Ottis Jolo said what is ongoing in the county should not be over looked by government.

“What is taking place in Gbarzon Statutory District where a prophet who called himself Papa John claimed to have such power, I don’t know it is spiritual or whatsoever he uses to catch or accuse people, this is wrong. This guy beat up people, cut their hair and takes money and cattle from the people, then the county authorities are not saying anything about it”.

Report say the County Superintendent Chris Bailey on last Monday during his four hours town hall meeting with the citizen did not comment on the issue as he was earlier warn to refrain from intervening in such matter.

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