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Ghana’s 2010 World Cup Match Pulse ECOWAS Summit

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The extra-ordinary summit of the Economic Community of West African States or ECOWAS, which ended on the Cape Verdean resort Island of Sal Saturday, was put on a brief hold, as the Heads of States briefly suspended their closed door meeting to watch the Ghana-Uruguay match.

The closed door meeting was intended to among other things put in place a criteria for election to posts within the sub-regional grouping after the Foreign Ministers failed Thursday to conclude on a workable criteria. The leaders had gathered to show African solidarity to Ghana, which was carrying the continent’s hope on its shoulder.

So, by an executive order, they instructed organizers to bring the television set at the hall. Interestingly all their aide camps also gathered under a giant tent that had been erected for coffee break apparently forgetting their VIPs. But while wouldn’t they, when their leaders had also set aside regional matters for the game.

So, when the final whistle sounded, all you could see was a abrupt movement of security guards, nothing was heard of about the outcome of the closed door sessions the leaders walked quietly and boarded their buses. Some even declined to attend the evening dinner.

“How can you do this to the whole of Africa,” shouted a Ghanaian official as we boarded the bus back to the RUI Hotel. “This is very unpardonable,” he added.

The next morning another Ghanaian official could not remember the hotel entry he had used for the past two days. “Ay, where is the entry?” he asked his colleague. “Why, is it Asamoah  Gyan that has made you to forget your steps,” one colleague said as the rest burst into laughter.

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