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Girl raped, murdered in Shoes Factory

An unidentified girl believed to be in her late 20s has been brutally raped and murdered in the Shoe Factory Community of Gardnersville, along the Somalia Drive.

Residents of the community gathered in tears on Wednesday, September 24th on the bloody scene opposite the famous “Rendezvous” entertainment center with one question on their lips: Who did this thing?

The bloodstain body of the victim was abandoned in the middle of the community as elderly women, especially mothers, advised young girls to stop walking about in strange communities and stay off the streets at night to avoid meeting similar fate.

“All of you standing here, you’re seeing how this country is getting wicked day by day; the person that killed this girl may be right among us; now like it here, her dead body can’t point out the particular individual(s), but they think it’s all over. One day they will meet up with their match,” a grieving mother advised her daughter on the scene.

The vice chairlady for the community, Madam Annie Jallah, narrated that when the residents woke up in the morning on Wednesday, they noticed the dead body of the young girl lying in the grass completely naked with scars on her entire body.

Madam Jallah noted that from the look of the body, she suspects that the victim was being raped and while in the process, she vehemently resisted her attackers, but they seemed to have overpowered her and eventually took her life after quenching their sexual desire. She strongly believes the incident may have occurred elsewhere and the victim’s remains were dumped in the community.

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“If you stand from the entry of the community, you will see the bloodstain spilling from the main road to where her body is lying; it’s like after killing her, they dropped her in our community. We saw her lying with her legs open and scars on her face. “ “Since I moved in the community and became women leader, this is first of its kind here,” the vice chairlady narrated.

The area where the victim was found opposite the “Rendezvous” night club a.k.a “Monkey, Monkey” near Barnerville Junction close to the Christ Embassy Church in Gardnerville is noted for notorious practices, including high prostitution.

Several calls by community residents to the authorities to have the body removed from their area yielded no result, prompting angry women and youth to protest in the street with flyers and other materials, demanding immediate removal of the victim from their community, which prompted the government to respond to their call.

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