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Girlfriend beaten to death

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A 22-year old female has been beaten to death during a fighting with her boyfriend in Lofa County, northern Liberia. Reports from Voinjama, Lofa County say the late Mary Farkollie was found dead after a serious quarrel and fight with her boyfriend, who is believed to be in his early 2osl.

State radio ELBC Lofa County correspondent Topka Tarnue, said the deceased’s body has been deposited at the Tellewoyen Hospital in Voinjama. Family members of the victim are accusing the unidentified boyfriend of killing their daughter.

Parents of the victim saying have been quoted as saying “Every time this guy comes around to meet our daughter, there will be a fight between them and we warned him to stay away from our daughter to avoid any problem but he refused.”

According to reports, it all started when the boyfriend went to the house of the late Mary Farkollie and asked for rice to carry on the field, but she allegedly refused on grounds that the food she had was only sufficient for their two kids, something which allegedly annoyed and subsequently led him to jump on her for a fight.

However, families of the accused have denied their son kill the victim, arguing “What will our son gets from killing his own girlfriend? Our son is not a murderer and he cannot be such because we gave birth to him and know all of his ways; he had never been in such act like that, and even if he wanted to do such act, he will think about the relationship that they both had.”

Meanwhile, there has been no report whether the suspect has been arrested.

By Lewis S. Teh-Edited by Jonathan Browne

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