Girlfriend killer’s fate decided today?

Prosecutors and defense counsels will today (Monday March 2, 2015) engage in final argument in the ongoing murder trial of defendant Sylvester Tarpeh Davies, following which jurors may be charged for a verdict.

The defendant pleaded guilty in court to the indictment for murdering his girl friend Sonnie Tipayson, 23, last November in Paity Town. He also waived testimony in the case.  He was accused of killing the victim at her father’s  (Mr. Eric Tipayson) house, where he and the victim had been living.

The indictment said defendant Davies murdered Sonnie in her fourth month of pregnancy, and both the victim and defendant were said to have had a kid within their three years of relationship.

He allegedly took the victim’s live after refusing to continue the relationship with him. The father, Mr. Erice Tipayson who testified in the case said he found his daughter’s lifeless body in a barrel days after she had been attacked by the accused.

Investigators from the Liberia National Police who went on the crime scene said forensic showed that the victim was killed and stocked in the barrel. He allegedly sent the two kids that were in the house with Sonnie on the road to buy kala, a locally fried mixed flour, before allegedly murdering her.

Mr. Tipayson said upon coming home from work on November 30, 2014, his in-law Mr. Ballah told him to check for Sonnie because he had not seen her come out since defendant Davies rushed on her in his room.

But after searching everywhere, Mr. Tipayson said he did not see Sonnie from Friday until 11 O’clock on Sunday when he found her in the barrel while trying to get his clothes out from the barrel to iron for a wedding ceremony.

By Winston W. Parley

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