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Girlfriend killer sentenced to 10 yrs

Murder suspect Aaron K. Weah has been sentenced to ten years in prison by a court in Fish Town, River Gee County, following his guilty plea for allegedly murdering his spouse, Beatrice Norring.

River Gee County Attorney Wesseh A. Wesseh told the NewDawn via mobile phone Tuesday, June 16, that prosecutors won both the murder case against defendant Weah and a separate rape case against another defendant- Jarpul B. Wesseh, Jr., who was on trial for allegedly raping a 12- year old girl.

The counsel said defendant Weah was charged with murder after killing his girlfriend, Beatrice in Jakaken, Chedepo District in River Gee County in the southeast of Liberia before dumping her corpse on the main highway between Putuken and Gbaepo Kanrweaken.

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Defendant Weah had allegedly killed the victim in his house during midnight in Jakaken, before driving her corpse on his motorbike, through the Putuken-Karnweaken main highway and abandoned it.

At the time of defendant Weah’s arrest, Mr. Wesseh said police found “some blood stains in his house”, including “some bloody clothes”.

He indicated that the defendant pleaded guilty to the indictment and wept openly in court on Monday, June 15, claiming that he killed his woman “out of frustration” resulting from jealousy over the victim’s alleged refusal to return to him.

According to the counsel, defendant Weah was immediately sentenced to a maximum ten-year imprisonment in accordance with the law, requiring that when someone pleads guilty to an indictment, the judge should have them sentenced right away.

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He is expected to serve his jail term in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County- also in the southeast of Liberia.

In another development, 22- year old defendant Jarpul B. Wesseh, Jr. – son of the River Gee County Land Commissioner – has been adjured guilty by jurors in a rape case.

He was indicted for allegedly raping a 12 year old girl from Gbaepo Karnweaken in River Gee County. He was found guilty after a hearing that lasted for 29 days in a Fish Town Court.

During the trial, the defendant claimed to be 17-years old, and that he and the victim had loved for the last six months.

He cited October 26, 1997 as his birth date, but three prosecution subpoenaed witnesses, including schools he once attended, proved the contrary to his testimony.

Prosecutors found that the defendant attended the Dominion Christian School in Fish Town in the 2009/2010 academic year when he was allegedly 17-years old, while in the 2013/2014 academic year, he allegedly attended the Gbaepo Central High in the 11th grade class at the age of 22.

River Gee County Attorney Wesseh A. Wesseh told this paper that the school documents were admitted into evidence, adding that the defendant could not present evidence such as birth certificate and other instrument during the trial to back his claims that he was 17-years old.
The defendant’s father and Land Commissioner of River Gee, who testified as lone witness to the accused, testified to claims by his son that he was 17-years old, and was born on October 26, 1997.

But the father failed to tell the court the year his son began schooling. The court in Fish Town is expected to sentence the defendant after five days of the guilty jury verdict. By Winston W. Parley – George Barpeen

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