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Give serious consideration to Dr. Logan’s success

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Even though the United States, at the head of other nations and multilateral institutions and organizations has begun intervening, Liberia is assiduously struggling towards little success in the war against the deadly Ebola virus disease. As the 4000 American intervention troops begin setting up in Monrovia, Liberian medical authorities continue to bend backward daily to ensure that more Liberians don not succumb to Ebola.

Other than the syndromic therapy they administer to Ebola patients at the various Ebola Treatment  Units, they are researching the extra miles and applying their results as treatment for Ebola to their patients. As the result, several Ebola patients are walking away from the various ETU’s cured from the disease- one example being the treatment unit at the Tubmanburg Government Hospitalin Bomi County headed by Dr. Gobeelogan.

Out of the fifteen patients to whom Dr. Logan administered the drug also used to treat HIV, thirteen were cured. According to the Liberian medical doctor, his achievement grew out of his desire to extensively read a number of medical journals from which he was able determine the similarities of the virus that causes aids and the Ebola virus.

While the “white man” may attempt to discount this achievement as not “scientifically proven” or lend it no credence, probably because of its Liberian and African origin, such medical breakthrough must also attract the attention of the Ministry of Health and Liberia Medical and Dental Council or LNDC. It is very important and in the supreme interests of Liberia and its people that Dr. Gobee Logan and others be invited to the LNDC for presentations on “how they got over” in treating their patients to go free from Ebola.

Such an achievement, even if not fully measurable with the actual medication fo the deadly Ebola disease, could be improved upon by a combination of additional research under the auspices of the Liberia Medical and Dental Council and Ministry of Health to reach the final goal.

While the Americans are still experimenting the ZMAPP and doing additional studies to finally achieve their goal, it would be at our own advantage and benefit if what Dr. Logan and others have also achieved are taken into serious and immediate consideration in terms of improvement. The fact  that thirteen out of the fifteen Ebola patients treated to survive from Dr. Logan’s breakthrough, it is also possible that a holistic approach to improving the drugs could make the drug hundred percent to treat Ebola.

Our plea to the government of Liberia, through the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare is to cooperate with the LMDC jn working with our local doctors in  ensuring a process that would finally confirm the Ebola  treatment determined by Doctor Logan and others.

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