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Give to your country loyalty & patriotism

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-Deputy BIN Commissioner tells students

The deputy commissioner for the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization or BIN Atty. Asatu Bah Kanneh has challenged Liberian students to show loyalty and patriotism to the state.

“Give to your country loyalty, and patriotism, because this is very important; if you are not loyal to your country, you will end up giving negative information about your country; obey the rule of law, don’t take the laws into your own hands”, Commissioner Kanneh advised.

She gave the urge recently while serving as guest speaker at the 23rd gala anniversary celebration of the Noah Ark High School in Barnesville along the Somalia Drive, suburb of Monrovia. According to Atty. Kanneh Liberia has gone through 14 years of civil conflict which brought a complete breakdown in the rule of law and the security forces factionalized, paying loyalty to individuals rather than the state.

He recounted the Country’s economy, infrastructure, health system, rule of law, family values, Mosques, Churches and moral ethics were all destroyed due the civil crisis. Speaking on the theme, “Self-discipline and humbleness is the way to a successful society”, she said as Liberia is undergoing reforms, we can still see that some people are still finding it difficult to change their behavior; there are some students who are involved in moral and ethical indiscipline, integrity problem, dishonesty, and disrespect, among others.”

The BIN deputy boss told students of the school that being humble and discipline does not mean that you are not a big boy or big girl, adding “it only helps to shape your life and give you a positive direction for a better future. You must not wish to get everything you see, and want, but you must pray to get the things that you need.”

According to her, getting the things that we want always is one of the mean reasons we get involved in acts of corruption, dishonesty, indiscipline behavior, integrity problem, lack of nationalism and being unpatriotic.

Commissioner Bah Kanneh said great men and women in society today are highly discipline individuals with good moral standings, saying you don’t have to be an ‘A’ student to be discipline and successful, you can be a ‘C’ student and be more discipline and successful.

“Let me inform you that as students, your future start from the school. What you do now, and the way you carry yourself will determine whether or not you will be discipline, and successful in the society”. The deputy BIN Commissioner added that successful men and women are those who work almost at all times on high value task, while unsuccessful men and women are those who waste their time each day on low value activities.

By Lewis S. Teh-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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