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GN Bank vows to do more here

GN Bank vows VP Boakai and Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom in a handshake
Newly licensed Groupe Nduom Liberia Bank Limited or GN Bank, has vowed to do more within the banking sector of the country.

Speaking Thursday in Monrovia at program marking its official launch, the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Groupe Nduom, an international company based in Ghana, Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom said, his groupe has a commitment to Africa and Liberia is no exception.

Dr. Nduom indicated that group Ndoum believes it is the responsibility of all Africans to share in the task of nation building, building strong institutions and sharing prosperity across the continent. “We are here as patience investors, so we are here for a long term. You will find that soon we will be putting up our own buildings as a demonstration that we are here to stay,” he disclosed.

The CEO expressed sincere thanks to the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) for demonstrating commitment on the part of the CBL during the acquiring of the First International Bank Liberia Limited (FIB). Dr. Nduom indicted that though the bank has come to be the colleague to other banks in the country but it mean purpose is to be the competitor to other banks within the banking sector in order to help making the industry grow and to be a good partner to all industries in the country.

He asserted that the bank has to come to take advantage of any situation in the country or as a company who does not understand the happenings but it has come to share in the problems difficulties of the country and be a partner in overcoming these problems and difficulties.

“What we have done in Ghana, we will do right here in Liberia as well. We set ourselves a cast to be the largest in the banking industry in Ghana and this year marks 10 years since we started banking in Ghana and today as I speak to you we are in 26locations in Ghana. So everywhere you go in Ghana you will find a GN Bank and we put out our own signature buildings,” the President and CEO of Groupe Nduom maintained.

For his part, the managing Director of Ghana growth Fund Company (GGFC) Mr. Kwame Asomaning said that the bank is going to use yesterday’s problems of FIBank as its today’s lessons.

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Mr. Asomaning noted that at Groupe Nduom they do not see impossibilities but they turn backs on the challenges and go after what he termed as good risk and transform those challenges into opportunities. 

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