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Go and register

The Director for Civil Voter’s Education at the National Elections Commission or NEC, Senesee G. Freeman, has urged Liberians, who have not registered, to participate in the process, so they can be able to exercise their constitutional right at the polls in October.

Speaking to this paper in an exclusive interview on Monday, 27 February Mr. Freeman noted that some citizens were feeling very reluctant to go and register, while others were begging for extension, saying if there were need for extension, it will be done in the last days, because extension requires lot of money.

“Extending the voter registration time sounds so easy but it is very expensive, it requires a lot of money because new materials need to be bought and also money needs to be allotted for the voter registration agents”, Mr. Freeman explained.
He added that reports from rural areas indicate that the turn up is encouraging, as people in rural Liberia are not just sitting, they are turning up to exercise their constitutional rights.

He stressed that seven days are really enough for those who, have not registered, to go and register, adding that for those who are working, they can also find time even on Saturday to register.
He said CVE exhibition process starts on May 18 and ends in June 17, 2017 to provide the public an opportunity to scrutinize registered voters in order to weed non-Liberians or citizens below age 18.

“If someone accuses another person of not being a Liberian or is not yet 18 years, that person should have sufficient evidence, that is why we request for everyone number during registration process, because if you were accused, we will call you to come and defend yourself in court, but if you refused to answer calls, your name will be omitted from the registration list”, the CVE boss said. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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