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Go beyond rhetoric

--Chief Imam urges gov’t.

Chief Imam Krayee believes Liberia can achieve national unification by addressing tribalism and economic, political, and religious issues.

By Lincoln G. Peters

Monrovia, May 23, 2024: Liberia’s Chief Imam Ali Krayee has urged the Government of Liberia to go beyond rhetoric to solidify genuine national unification and unity across the country.

Following the celebration of National Unification Day, Chief Krayee told this paper in an exclusive interview recently that the government needs to address unresolved issues, including tribalism, economics, politics, and religion.

He believes that addressing these issues will promote true and sincere unification.

He noted that it’s good to make an effort to bring Liberians together and celebrate National Unification Day.

“Liberia still has unresolved [issues]. For example, we have tribalism to address, which is still a major problem,” said Imam Krayee. 

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“The last election saw a division of Liberia passing along regional lines. Also, we still have the issues of religion. On the surface, it appears great,” he cautioned.

“We do appreciate the effort made by sincere Liberians addressing the religious divide, but we still have some long way to go,” Imam Krayee explained. 

He argued that the demand for Muslim holidays to be legislated remains unresolved, stating that Muslims are determined to be very peaceful in this country. 

“If we really want this country to be united, we have to allow Muslim workers and students [to] celebrate the end of Ramada and Abraham just as Christians do,” he continued.

He stated that it’s good to go beyond the rhetoric and the fine speeches and work toward the people’s integration, unity, and unification. 

He called on Liberian leaders not to play deaf ears with issues that are still unresolved in the country.

The vocal Islamic leader indicated that the Government of Liberia should sincerely address these issues.

“Everything that happens in this country, whether positive or negative, will affect all of us, and so we all have the responsibility to promote a peaceful and united country,” he said. 

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