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God, Please Show the Videos – Part 3

Da me again-o, Father God. Da me, your pekin – Paul. How are you? How is Jesus? How is Angel Michael? How are Angel Gabriel and the rest of the angels? Are you all planning for the day called Judgment Day? Father God, are you aware that that day is worrisome for most of us?

Well, Father God, as I have been saying for the last three days, please make video evidence your main and only defense against us. Show the videos. Show the video depicting the sins of all my friends, associates, neighbors, acquaintances and workmates. Show the videos.

Show the videos of all pastors. Show the videos. Show the videos of all deacons. Show them, Father God. Show the videos of all praise and worship leaders. Show them. Show the videos of all choir directors. Show them. Show the videos of all preachers and evangelists. Show them. Show the videos of all assistant pastors. Show the videos of all bishops. Show the videos of all youth ministers. Show them, dear Father. Don’t forget to show the videos of all members of the choir. Show the videos of all ushers, including the heads. Show the videos of all church goers. Show the videos, Papa. There is too much hypocrisy in Christianity, yet all of them are quick to show themselves as good people. Please show their videos. Show the whole thing.

Show the videos of rabbis and other Jewish leaders. Show the videos of all Jewish worshippers. Show the videos of all Imams and all Moslems, including those calling for prayers. Show the videos of all Buddhists, including the monks. Show the videos of all adherents of all religions and their heads or founders. Let the videos be shown. There is too much hypocrisy in religion. Show the videos, Papa God.

Show the videos of the leaders and top officials of our nation. Show the videos of all politicians. Show the videos of presidents and vice presidents. Show the videos of ministers, deputy ministers and assistant ministers. Show the videos of each director of this department or that department. Show the videos of all comptrollers. Show the videos of directors and managers and assistant and deputy directors and managers of all public corporations, agencies and commissions. Show the videos of all customs officers. Show the videos, Father God. There is too much corruption in government, corruption that has crippled the country and its citizens in many ways for too long.

It is important that we restate it. Please show the videos of all of our government officials, including members and leaders of the Legislature, the Executive and the Judiciary, and, please, don’t forget to show their entire videos, Father God. Show every act from the very beginning to the very end. We will have time to watch.  Don’t worry. Show all the back-room deals. Show the whole thing, Father God.

It is said that all of them practice corruption in one form or another, yet, when it comes to denying their corruption records, their mouths are sharper than any two-edged sword. As soon as their corrupt deeds are exposed, they jump and stand on E. J. Roye Building and say, “Those who are doing this to me are diabolic individuals who are determined to besmear my hard-earned character which I have protected over the years. Their allegation has no iota of truth in it. If they don’t cease and desist from the character assassination, I will take them to court.” Therefore, Father God, please show the videos, and show the whole thing. Let each video of our public officials be the unedited version – the original videos.

By the way, God, ehn you will edit my video? I am not a government official. Besides, as I indicated the last time, please don’t show my entire video. It is not that I am scared or have something to hide but because there will be a multitude of people for you to judge. Why waste your time on pekin like me? Just cut my own short. Let it be about ten minutes. I beg you, Papa God.

To be continued …
Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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