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God, Please Show the Videos – Part I.

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God, I’m here again. I’m here to appeal to you for something that’s very important to me and to many other people. In fact, Sister Pee, Sister Cori and I discussed the topic in my car last night. The three of us agree that, on Judgment Day, you should show the videos you have on each of us; that is, the videos that show our sinful activities. It will not be easy!

The many of the major religions of the world teach that you have a special day coming. It’s called Judgment Day. On that day, we are told, you will judge the people of the world. At the end of the process, we are also told, you will send the good ones to heaven, while the wicked ones will go to hell. It will not be easy! I can imagine crying and grumbling and chaos all over the place.

Since it is about judging people, I’m sure you will have your evidence with you. God, to put all joke aside, you really need to have your evidence-o. Don’t conclude that because you are God, because you know everything, because you see everything, and because you remember everything, you will only tell people what they did wrong. Don’t try it, Father!

No, Father God, don’t just depend on your words. Show the video that you have for each of us, a video that contains the sins of every human being on earth. If you don’t want for things to cha-kla on that day, just show the video.  This will cut long matters short, and it will cause everyone else to see what a specific person did all their life. Believe me, God. The video is the best way to go.

I know that Sister Cori is rotten like me, but she tells me that she’s almost like an angel. Please show her video so that I can see more about her rottenness. I’m aware, also, that Sister Pee is even rottener than Sister Cori, but Sister Pee tells me that she’s truly a born-again Christian. On Judgment Day, please let me see the video about her rotten life. I beg you, Father!

God, please don’t let me down. Please show on Judgment Day the videos depicting our sinful ways. You yourself know the kind of dry face we have. If you don’t show us any videos to prove your case against us, most of us may argue with you on that day.  Like Sisters Cori and Pee, we all get dry face.

Da us here-o, God. Da us human beings. If you fail to put the video on, the video that will show clearly what each of us did, how we did it, where we did it, when we did and the circumstances under which we did it, rest assured that most of us will deny almost every charge you bring against us, especially if we see that hell is not too far from where the judgment process will be taking it.

But, God, you yourself yah! Who will see hell fire blazing behind them or a few feet away and admit their wrongful deeds and words just like that? To cut long matters short, show the videos. If you choose not to show any videos because you already know everything and the fact that you can’t lie, it will not help the process. You will catch serious hard time.

Just show the video. As I said earlier, if you don’t show any videos to prove your case against each of us, we could deny almost everything you say about our wicked ways. We could say that you are biased, that you just hate us or that you just want to lie on us because you know we can’t do anything all because you are God. We get dry face, God! You better show the videos.

Show the videos, God. Most of us eat denying like kanyan. Show the videos. Too many sinful people are passing up and down and behaving like good people. Show the videos. The rotten people are too many, but they hide their rottenness. Please show the videos.

To be continued …
Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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