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GoL begins disbursement of Civil Servants salaries

The Ministry of Finance and Development Planning has begun disbursing salaries checks of Civil Servants for the Month of June to commercial banks as at Friday, June 19, 2020.

Of the 103 spending entities, seventy-two received disbursement, and twenty-four are currently in process and seven are awaiting signatures.

These entities include Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministries of Transport, National Legislature, Ministry of National Defense, Civil Service Agency, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Labour, Ministry of State, Center for National Documents Records and Archives, Internal Audit Agency General Auditing Commission, Liberia Broadcasting Systems, Ministry of Post and Telecommunications, Environmental Protection Agency, Liberia Board for Nurses/Midwifey.
Others are Community Colleges, BWI, Bureau of State Enterprise, CDA, FIU, Human Rights Commission, IIC, Kakata Rural Teacher Training Institute, LRC, LIPA, Liberia College of Physician, LIPO, LMHRA, LMDC, LRRRC, LEITI, Liberia Freezone, LAC, LACC, LACE, CDA, LRC and the GSA.

The rest are office of the Vice President, the Webbo Rural Teacher Training Institute, National AIDS Commission, JFK, Judicial, Liberia Airport Authority, Agricultural and Industrial Training, W.V.S. Tubman University, ZRTTI, Tax Appeal Board, and National Commission on Small Arms, and Wash Commission and Forestry Training Institute.

It continues with NICOL, Council of Chiefs, NPHIL, NAC, NBC, NCHE, and National Commission on Disabled, National Housing and Saving Banks, NIR, National Lottery, NSA, National Veteran Bureau, PPCC, Rubber Development Incorporated and RREA.

The Ministry of Finance and Development Planning informs the public that the Government is committed to paying all civil servants on time.

The Government assures the public that despite the COVID -19 pandemic and its effect on the economy, it is working assiduously to ensure salaries of all civil servants are made current, before the end of the fiscal year 2019/2020.

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