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GoL & EU break grounds today for three 33KV Electricity Distribution Networks

Government partners with EU to break grounds for 33KV electricity distribution networks in Southeast.

Buchanan and Greenville, Liberia, May 3, 2024—The Government of Liberia and the European Union (EU) broke ground today, Friday, May 3rd, for the construction of two distinct 33KV electricity distribution networks, a significant milestone in Liberia’s energy development.

According to a press release, the ceremony, to be held in Buchanan City (Grand Bassa County), signifies a crucial step towards providing essential electricity access to Buchanan, Barclayville, and Greenville cities.

Funded by the European Union’s ‘Rural Electrification Programme,’ with a special focus on the South-eastern region of Liberia, these projects aim to deliver reliable and affordable electricity to underserved communities.

The release says that upon completion, approximately 12,054 customers in Buchanan will be connected through single—and three-phase pre-paid meters. Additionally, an estimated 825 LED streetlights will be installed to illuminate the city streets. In Greenville, more than 4,344 households will gain electricity access along the 43-kilometer transmission line route. From a planned 2-megawatt mini-hydropower plant on the Sinoe River Rapids to Greenville, approximately 200 LED streetlights will be installed.

According to the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP), the Buchanan network will be powered primarily by two dedicated feeders linked to the TRANSCO-CLSG 225/33 KV substation, which is about five kilometers from Buchanan along the Monrovia main road.

The initial electricity provision for Greenville will come from an 850-kilowatt solar power plant near Greenville in Murrayville, which an 820 KVA backup generator will support. Additionally, a 2-megawatt hydropower plant on the Sinoe River Rapids, approximately 43 kilometers from the city center, will further boost electricity generation capacity.

Ambassador Nona Deprez of the European Union Delegation emphasized, “The significance of these networks is part of the EU’s commitment to assisting the Liberian Government in providing reliable, accessible, and affordable electricity to its citizens.”

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Also, on behalf of the Liberian Government, “the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning emphasized the profound social, economic, and development benefits the Rural Electrification projects will bring to Liberia’s Southeastern region. By extending access to electricity to all corners of our land, we surely lead to a transformative change, unlocking the latent potential of our people and revitalize our communities.”

 Furthermore, “As we embark on this journey with Buchanan, Greenville, and Barclayville cities, we reaffirm our steadfast dedication to bridging the energy gap and fostering sustainable development. Prioritizing Rural Electrification thus improves livelihoods and lays the groundwork for inclusive growth and prosperity across the country.”   

The release indicates that the Rural Renewable Energy Agency (RREA) has secured two operations and maintenance companies to manage these projects immediately upon completion. Press Release

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  1. I am so much grateful and pleased with this good news coming from for our people.
    I am from Grand Kru County an Electrical engineer,it will help also opening jobs opportunities for our skill and unskilled brothers and sisters.
    A very big thanks to the European Union.

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