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GoL suspends dry fish exportation

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Liberia’s Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications suspends exportation of dry fish and other perishable goods abroad which has claimed public attention, leading to speculation here that the Government of Liberia places an embargo on fish exportation from Liberia.
The Ministry of Posts in a release says it has been working with SN Brussels Airline for the conveyance of postal items especially, dry fish from Liberians to family members in the Diaspora.

The release adds that about a week ago, the cargo section of Brussels Airline through its local management in Monrovia informed the Ministry that customs and security apparatus in Brussels, had some problems with parcels that contain fish from an African country other than Liberia, which warrants an investigation.

The Brussels Airline management informed the ministry that pending finalization in Brussels of the said investigation; it has been advised not to further convey fish, not only from Liberia but any other African country.

The release says because the ministry does not know how long the investigation would last; it thinks that it would be risky to accept parcels containing fish to be kept at its premises indefinitely.

It is against this background that the ministry has advised its postal section to suspend air transporting of dry fish pending approval from the cargo section of Brussels Airline
The release notes the public may be aware that the exportation of fish, clothing, and other smaller packages are the main services being provided to the public.

The document signed by the director for public affairs Caesar Nyan Slapeh assures that the ministry is concern and is doing everything within its reach in working along with the authority of SN Brussels to ensure that the matter is resolved so that people may resume shipment of fish product to family members abroad.

Besides fish, the release says the ministry accepts any other items that are not prohibited for exportation, and therefore, calls on the public not to panic, as Brussels Airline both in Liberia and overseas have assured that the matter will be resolved within the soonest possible time. Press Release

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