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GoL to get gas sold in jerrycans off the streets

By Kruah Thompson 

Following the unusual increase in fire outbreaks during the rainy season, the Liberia National Fire and Rescue Service (LNFRS) says it has a plan to remove gas sellers from the streets of Monrovia.

LNFRS Director Col. Alex K. Dickson made the disclosure at the Ministry of Information, Culture Affairs and Tourism’s regular press briefing on Thursday, June 9, 2022.

He said the plan to remove gas sellers from the streets was provoked when a team of LNFRS investigators uncovered that most of the fire outbreaks in the country occurred in homes, where gasoline or flammable liquid were stored.

Col. Dickson clarified that the law of Liberia openly provides that flammable liquid should not be exposed in residential areas but noted that people are intentionally violating this law and secretly keeping gasoline or flammable liquid in warehouses and at their various homes.

Therefore. to reduce the increase of fire in the country, he stressed a need to get hawkers selling gas in Mayonnaise jars off the street.

The fire chief said in many cases, the LNFRS has been called to curtail fire outbreaks but because of flammable liquid stored in the house, the fire escalated before firefighters arrived on the scene.

He said, as a result, the fire team could not reduce the escalation, so it has to return and mix another chemical to get rid of the fire.

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At the same time, he revealed that investigation has proved two to three cases where close to 100 gallons of gasoline was destroyed in houses that were gutted.

“Every corner you pass, you will see gas, even on major streets you will see people selling gas, but when you get to the gas station, the price is different from the price at a gas station”, Col. Dickson said. Editing By Jonathan Browne

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