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GOL to unveil vision

The Minister of Finance and Development Planning or MFDP, Samuel D. Tweh, discloses here that the Government of Liberia is set to unveil its new vision for the country to citizens and development partners.

“As I said in my previous comments, in the next one hundred fifty (150) days the government will release its transformation vision to the people on how we intend to bring this new transformation that citizens are wanting to see”, he says.

Tweh made these remarks on Tuesday, February 13, 2018 at the headquarters of the United Nations Mission in Liberia in Sinkor, Monrovia during a one-day meeting between the Government of Liberia and international partners, including Word Bank, EU, WFP, UNDP, UNICEF, UNMIL, and the Swedish Embassy in Monrovia, and the African Union, among others.

He says the greatest problem that has always been affecting citizens across the country is unemployment, suggesting “And I think the easiest way to resolve this problem is by providing the necessary skill training to people.”

The Finance boss emphasizes that transforming the lives of citizens is at the heart of President George Weah, noting that projects under the new transformation will go towards developing a framework that will make the cabinet functions as a cohesive unit where policies and regulations will be owned by the cabinet to have all ministries pushing one agenda.

He says the government is embarking on such strategy to avoid divisive posture in the cabinet as it was in previous administrations when various ministries had their own agenda.

Minister Tweh stresses that every member of the new government is under serious obligation to deliver in the interest of the Liberian people.
“We need indicators on teacher’s quality, health care system, structure on governance and others things, but if we do not meet these goals, the intention of the indicator means we not performing, that means we will have to ask why are we not moving, so this meeting here today is to bring all partners on board to work together and help this government meets its goals”, says the Minister.

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He recommends a need to have a joint monitoring and evaluation system with international partners to enhance coordination, and notes that this is why in the coming days the country new transformation vision will be unveiled so NGOs and partners would align with the priorities of the President to have those goals and vision achieved.

He says one of the priorities of President Weah is to construct modern road connectivity in the country, and doing so will cause the government huge amount money.

“But the government doesn’t have US$2.5 billion for road, so we will now depend on private investment to have such a road financing projects.”
The new Finance boss told international partners that if the Weah-led administration must succeed in fulfilling its promises, it would require collective efforts from both the government and partners to help in meeting goals and aspirations of the government.

He says the government is fully aware of constraints citizens are undergoing as the result of current economic hardship, disclosing plans by the administration to create job opportunities for youth across the country, including vocational and technical institutions.

Meanwhile, Minister Tweh reiterates that government is fully committed to empowering young people across Liberia, and that every youth desirous of acquiring quality education will be provided the opportunity.

By Lewis S. Teh-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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