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GoL urged to include all in stimulus package

The Executive Director of Hope in God Association of the Blind appeals to the Government of Liberia (GoL) to include all Liberians in the Stimulus Package Food Distribution slated for 23 May.

Mr. Johnson K. Dorbor made the appeal when he spoke to reporters recently.
Mr. Dorbor, whose organization is based in several counties, says while he believes that attention should be given to most vulnerable people, consideration should be given to non-vulnerable Liberians as well.

He notes that leaving other Liberians out of the food distribution would create hard feelings and threatens the very fight against the Coronavirus.He reminds that the Legislature approved recently in their joint resolution for the emergency food supply to reach all 15 counties, stressing that as thing stands in the country, all Liberians are undergoing the government state of emergency and as such, should benefit from the exercise.

He argues further that most of those who might be considered not vulnerable have greater responsibility, including large families and other constrains and challenges that they are faced with under the state of emergency.

Mr. Dorbor calls on philanthropists and humanitarian organizations in the country to also assist the government by reaching out to groups that have visually impaired and physically-challenged people to prevent their members from venturing at streets corners to beg for alms.
He says the presence of such persons at street corners undermines government’s fight against the Coronavirus, as they risk coming in contact with potential carriers of the virus.

“We have strongly advised our members not to go into the streets and be patient, as the government delivers on its promise to provide assistance to the people of Liberia and they are at our headquarters”, he continues.

He encourages authorities of the National Commission on Persons Living with Disabilities to reach out to disabled and vulnerable people who lack means to feed themselves and their families during this global health crisis.
By Emmanuel Mondaye–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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