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GOLSAO hosts a one day retreat

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A local athletic group here called Good Legacy Social and Atheltic Organization (GOLSAO) announces a one – day retreat slated for Saturday, 27 July in Monrovia, aimed at brainstorming with young people on educative issues as well as on drugs abuse.

GOLSAO is an intellectual and athletic organization which has been using sports and other educational activities as means of attracting young people and helping them to cultivate their potential and achieve their dreams.

The planned retreat is expected to start at 8 AM to to 1 PM for the indoor program at the Fire4Fire Ministries International Church on McDonald and Carey Streets Intersection, under the theme: “Living Together in Harmony!” from the text, Psalm 133:1.

From 1:30pm to 5pm, the group will do a friendly sports match at Demonstration Campus on Clay Street.GOLSAO says its desire is to positively engage young people that will be hosted at the one – day retreat.

It says it is trying to bring young people together to brainstorm on topics that will be given to them, share the participants into groups following which presentations will be made by groups representatives.

Based on the presentations, GOLSAO indicates that members of the public will ask the various groups some questions to make the forum interactive. Discussions will cover drugs abuse, teenage pregnancy, and other educative areas while finding answers to what can done to stop these social problems.

“We hope to see young people come out of the retreat with ideas to live in community with harmony, give back to community,” says Benjamin Massaquoi, Vice President of GOLSAO.

“I see this venture as a good one and also I see it as a privilege to be part of such a great organization that is driving young people to help them achieve their goals,” says Emmanuel Juduh,” President of GOLSAO.The groups says it hopes to enlarge its membership, as it announces that the retreat will be climaxed with a friendly match.

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