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GOLSAO leadership takes office

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The president of the National Photographers Union of Liberia, Mr. Lawrence Fokoe, has urged officers-elect of the Good Legacy and Athletic Organization or GOLSAO, to be focus, creative and vigilant, as they take on leadership role.

“There will be trials but you don’t have to lose hope because the society depends on you.”

Mr. Fokoe gave the challenge Sunday, December 13, 2020, during inauguration of the elected officials of GOLSAO, noting that as young people in society, “we must remind ourselves that many look up to us for direction, and the impact we will make matters a lot.”

“As you take the mantle of authority as leaders of GOLSAO, you must make impact in the lives of the young generation”.

He said despite challenges, young people shouldn’t lose hope, but see everything around them as an opportunity to achieving their goals.

GOLSAO president-elect Emmanuel B. Juduh recalled GOLSA0 was established to help mold the minds of youths communities and society at large. “In doing this, we are committed to building the capacity of all young people through skills training programs which will help prepare them for future employment”, Mr. Juduh added.

He said notwithstanding, GOLSAO as an organization is famously known as the refinery and is working with young people from all works of life, including the educated, uneducated, discipline and indiscipline, serious-minded and unserious minded, and most of all dedicated people, who have made this organization a leading center of transformation in remolding the minds of young people.

“As we take on the mantle of authority to lead this noble body, let me firstly say a big thank you to the rest of our colleagues; the entire membership for reposing in us the explicit confident to take GOLSAO to the next level”, he said.

Highlighting some achievements he said the organization was very successful in community service campaign by collaboration with partners in a joint retreat, including hosting several workshops and educational seminars on peace building, youth empowerment, early childhood and girls’ education as well as providing awareness on all forms of abuse, especially, rape.

He added that GOLSAO was also successful in reuniting communities through sports and involvement with the COVID-19 relief initiative across the country. “As we go forward in an effort to take GOLSAO to the next level, we are wholeheartedly seeking your full commitment and support to enable us deliver on our platform.”

He called on his colleagues to consolidate ideas and resources to building a vigorous, contending, searching and learning organization, quite gloriously established to strive for the common good.

Mariama Sheriff, president of ECOWAS women in Liberia, encouraged the newly inducted officials to be focused and make impact in the society. “We don’t have money to give but we want to encourage every one of you to rule well, because the society depends on you”, Mrs Sheriff urged.

By Lewis S. Teh–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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