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Gongloe: “Corruption is Liberia enemy of Progress”

Presidential aspirant Cllr. Tiawan Saye Gongloe has observed corruption as Liberia’s enemy of progress”, saying it is the cause for the country not moving forward like others on the African continent.

He argued that corruption has paralyzed Liberia, therefore, to make progress, a more serious effort has to be made to get rid of the menace.

Speaking as a guest lecturer at Faimo Christian Academy (school) graduation exercise during the weekend at Saint Francis in Jacob Town, Paynesville Gongloe, 65, also underscored the need for more serious effort to get rid of corruption, which he also described as the number one element of bad governance in Liberia.

“It is an abuse of public office and it undermines public confidence and trust in a government,” he noted.

Gongloe pointed out that when the government is corrupt, journalists and activists get into trouble with the government because when they report on stealing in government they get arrested and arbitrarily detained.

In the case of Liberia, he further argued that auditors die mysteriously and their pronounced cause of death has not been accepted by the people because of lack of trust in the government.

“Why is the government still corrupt, when more than three hundred thousand people died in this country due to corruption? He queried.

Gongloe believes that today, Liberians are suffering due to corruption because it makes it very difficult for the government to provide basic social services such as access to education, health services, electricity, local production of food, infrastructural development, amongst other services.

“Liberia will remain paralyzed until the people of Liberia make fighting corruption a number one priority. The place to begin is at the ballot box,” Gongloe stated.

He then urged Liberians not to elect people who do not have an anti-corruption track record in public service in adding, “Do not elect election time do-gooders.”

“Today, I call them election time humanitarians not only election time humanitarians rather they are political investors,” he said.

 Gongloe continued: “When they are elected they use their offices to get profit on the money that they invested during campaign time by stealing the money that is meant for providing basic social services.”

He admonished Liberians to make the right choice in 2023, reminding them that government is a place to serve and not to steal.


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