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Gongloe draws support among U.S.-based Liberians

Liberian Presidential hopeful Counselor Tiawan Saye Gongloe, currently visiting the United States, is reportedly drawing huge support among Diaspora Liberians, including non-Liberians in the U.S. 

A dispatch from the United State says even though since his arrival in the United States almost two months ago, his activities have mainly been concentrated on the East Coast and the Midwestern region, coupled with a few southern states, yet Counselor Gongloe’s message of catalyzing comprehensive economic regeneration and national development through prudent policies and cultural integrity is steadily resonating with diaspora Liberians and friends of Liberia from all walks of life.

As he prepares to take his message of good governance through equal application of the law to California, the largest American state, members of the Gongloe’s BETTER LIBERIA movement in the westernmost part of the U.S. are employing every ounce of their creativity to publicize and promote the series of town hall events and other engagement forums that are scheduled for the presidential hopeful in multiple cities in the Golden State.

On Monday, July 4, 2022, when members and officials of the California chapter of “Friends of Gongloe Global” were observing the 246th Independence anniversary of America in Antioch, they paraded and shared posters bearing the portraits of Counselor Gongloe with many other parade participants.

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Several pictures posted on some social media platforms show several Liberians and even non-Liberians holding the photos of Counselor Gongloe.

Dr. Tuwe Mehn, one of the organizers of Counselor Gongloe’s western engagements in the state, says besides meeting with a cross-section of Liberians in Antioch, San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland and Sacramento and other cities during his five-day tour from July 9th to 13th, the presidential aspirant is also expected to hold roundtables with some local business executives and elected officials within the region.

Since declaring his intention on December 4, 2021, to contest the 2023 presidential election, Counselor Gongloe’s fierce anti-corruption message, which is symbolized by his iconic broom, with which he intends to metaphorically sweep the filths of pervasive corruption in Liberian officialdom, has been increasingly resonating with a lot of Liberians from diverse backgrounds and even non-Liberians who actually mean well for Liberia.

Among other things, the eminent human rights lawyer has vowed that under his administration, “the salaries and benefits of the President and all officials of government in the three branches of government shall be published online, and in leading newspapers of Liberia.”

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He’s also proposing “quarterly lifestyle audit of the President, all commissioned officials, and others as defined by section 10.1 of the Code of Conduct of 2014.”

It is those forward-looking proposals, along with his principle that government jobs are intended for public service, not stealing that are endearing Counselor Gongloe, immediate past president of the Liberia National Bar Association to potential voters in Liberia and friends of the country.

Since his arrival in the country on May 14, 2022, he has met with some federal, state and local government officials, business leaders as well as private citizens, in addition to his hectic engagements with Liberians across the U.S. Dispatch

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