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No leader is powerful enough to win or accomplish his vision alone. No great nation has ever been built alone by an elected president or head of state but with the joint effort of government officials, citizens and private sector, working together to accomplish more.

Many times leaders end up in frustrations trying to achieve things alone, instead of investing in team building. Team building is the power and strength of leadership, how far you’ll go as a leader is determined by the strength of your team.

Your team’s efficiency is a reflection of your competence and leadership qualities. What determines your success or failure is the quality of team you are able to build. No matter how skillful individual players are in a football team, success may not be assured until they play together as a team. Playing together as a team, reveals the strengths and skills of individual player and professionalism of the coach, and ultimately determines the success of the entire team. Playing together as a team is also acknowledging and complementing individual’s strengths, and weaknesses. It is complementing each other’s effort, individuals taking responsibilities and contributing their quota to organizational goal.

Furthermore, lack of viable team leads to limited achievements. Leaders who desire to succeed must acknowledge the fact that there is limit to how much they can achieve alone. The beauty of leadership is followers having a sense of ownership in your vision. People naturally give their best when they have a sense of belonging or ownership in your vision.

However, lack of trust on the part of leadership hampers team building.  Often I hear many leaders say to their followers or employees “I don’t trust anybody.” These puts people off from having a sense of ownership in your vision and hinders them from giving their best or making extra sacrifices that would enhance your vision. The truth about trust is that trust is not given, but earned. Leaders must learn to build trust in their followers to ignite a team spirit in them.

Not investing in people or relationships also hinders team building. Leaders must learn to invest in their follower’s knowledge, and required skills that will enhance their proficiency so they can better contribute to your vision and organizational growth.  

An effective team practices division of labor. The entire process is simplified and more success is achieved when individuals in a team focus on their duty and effectively contribute to organizational growth in their little ways. Big mountains become smaller when everyone takes a little piece of the rock as a responsibility to move.

Many homes, businesses, and industries are suffering today because leaders think they can always achieve alone. Many leaders are dealing with frustrations, and their visions seem to be dying because they have not invested enough in team building.

I realize that your success is not always in your ability to do it alone. The reason a lots of vision die when the visionary dies, is because the visionary did not build a good team that could perform in his or her absence. Your success as a leader is in your ability to raise people to do what you can do, whiles you supervise the entire process.

A family where husband and wife work together as a team will experience prosperity, because two are always better than one. Unfortunately, many people compete with their spouses instead of complementing each other. You will be able to achieve more with your combined efforts and resources than you would individually. As a leader, your goal and determination should be building a viable team. In your team lies your success, in your team lays your confidence and with your team you can achieve more.

Now is the time to quit the struggle and start building a viable team. Your first responsibility in building a team is allowing everyone to find their place within your vision. Until your followers embody your vision, they may not work together as a team to accomplish more.

Secondly, engage in participatory leadership that involves people in decision making process. Your success as a leader does not lay in your ability to become a dictator but a communicator that allows others, express their views about your decisions and make contributions to your vision. When people own a decision, they will gladly commit to the process of its actualization even when it requires sacrifice.         

Lastly, have a sense of security. Leaders with a high sense of insecurity find it difficult to trust others and these often hinders team building. Remember in your team lies your strength because together, everyone accomplishes more.

Ezekiel Moses is a Writer, Consultant, Creative Artist and a Broadcaster. He is a sought after motivational speaker who has impacted many people, young and old over the years. He is a Branding, Marketing and Adverts specialist and Best Seller Author. For further enquires please call: 231 7755 97336, E-mail:


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