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Gov’t given 4-day ultimatum

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A Joint Action Committee is mounting pressure for the Government of Liberia to reopen the case of deceased Alvin Moses and Reuben Paye to enable a Nigerian national- defendant Henry O. Nandi exonerate himself.

Defendant Nandi was a subject of interrogation after the two kids were found dead in a car oarked in his yard on the Robertsfield Highway in Paynesville. The Joint Action Committee or JACC has given the government, through the Ministry of Justice and Liberia National Police, a four- day ultimatum to reopen the case to allow the Nigerian exonerate himself of the murder charge through the court.

“we believe the police will act responsibly and listen to the calls of the Liberian children, in case where the Ministry of Justice, and the Liberia National Police fail to reopen the case, we want to state enthusiastically and emphatically, there will be a re-occurrence of the Angel Togba peaceful march for justice in 2008”.

The JACC made the call yesterday, November 7, 2016, at a news conference held in Monrovia. Addressing reporters, the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize Winner Abraham Keita said their gathering was necessary to remind the nation’s leaders, as well as recount the many horrible acts of violence against children from every corner of the Liberian society.

“ Far too many children have been subjects of sexual violence ranging from rape to sodomy; in recent times, suspicious deaths among children have become frequent and often, justice is given a back kick and it now appears that injustice is the modus operandi of our justice and security system,” Keita indicated, re-emphasizing that many children, including 13-year old Angel Togba, 7 year old Olivia Zinnah, 15 year old ShakieKamara and 14- year old Ma-MusuFofana were dead and gone, but freely are their perpetrators living without any form of remorse.

“In keeping with Article 6 of the UN Convention on Rights of the Child and Article 5.1 of the African Charter on Rights and Welfare of the child, we want to state that the rights to life of many children have been violated in countless cases,” he added. According to him, on December 1st of 2015, two Liberian minors – 4-year old Alvin Moses and 7-year old Reuben Paye got missing, and were subsequently found dead on the 2nd of the same month in a black Toyota Avalon belonging to Mr. Henry o. Nandi – a Nigerian National living in the VOA Community along the Robert field highway. He told reporters that prior to the removal of the corpses of Alvin and Ruben from the incident site to the JFK medical center mortuary,

the crime service department of the Liberia National Police announced that the two kids died of suffocation or asphyxiation due to excess heat in the absence of a conducted autopsy, saying medical science informed his group that intentional suffocation leaves no physical marks pouring blood from the bodies of infants, as well as bleeding through the nose.

“it pains us and every child that since last year, the bodies are yet to be buried, while no autopsy has been conducted as the innocent souls of these kids wept endlessly, craving the prosecution of their murderers,“ he said.

“Since they die, they have experienced peace-not yet; even though they deserve peace they too deserved befitting burials,” he said. 

By Lewis S. Teh

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