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Gov’t to cut salaries

The Liberian government announced Wednesday that it has reached a decision to cut salaries of ministers and heads of autonomous agencies as part of a new austerity measure to cut down on government spending.

The move, which is expected to affect mainly the Executive Branch of government, is also intended to standardize the salaries for ministers of government and heads of autonomous agencies. As it stands there is a huge salary disparity between government ministries and heads of autonomous agencies, with some agency heads earning as high as US$10,000 to US$15,000 per month.

At the Cabinet meeting which was chaired by President George Manneh Weah, Cabinet endorsed that: “No longer will any official of government including heads of autonomous agencies make $10,000.00USD or $15,000.00USD respectively.

Cabinet resolved that heads of public corporations or autonomous agencies will make not more than $7,800USD as salary. Cabinet also took a decision for a 10% salary reduction across the board for cabinet ministers – mainly those at the highest level of the executive.

Government said the reduction across the board will only affect approximately 4,140 employees; including civil servants that make above 1,000 USD. The decision by Cabinet will take effect in the pending 2018/2019 fiscal budget.

Meanwhile, Cabinet said it has exhaustively discussed the 2018/19 fiscal budget with a view of identifying means to support national development that will impact the lives of the poor people and to ensure that money is not wasted.


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