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Government Intervenes In Bong, Margibi

Following reports of a recent natural disaster or heavy storm which reportedly damaged parts of the Booker Washington Institute and destroyed dozens of houses in Margibi and Bong Counties, government, through the National Relief and Disaster Commission or NRDC, over the weekend donated 25 bundles of roofing sheets to the BWI, and donated assorted relief items to the affected families.

The release quotes the Ministry of Internal Affairs or MIA as saying at the Booker Washington Institute, the NRDC donated the 25 bundles of quality roofing sheets to the administration for the repair of the damaged roofs of the school’s facilities along with four bills of used clothes intended for affected staff of BWI.

The release further said that in Bong County, the disaster commission distributed assorted relief items, including one hundred, sixty bundles of high quality roofing sheets to the affected families of Doepa Camp II and Manakporloi communities in Kokoyah Statutory District.

According to the release, 50 bags of rice, 4 begs of slippers, buckets, 20 tins of imported oil, several cartoons of lanterns, flashlights and roofing nails among others, were distributed.

In separate responses, the beneficiaries are said to have lauded government for the concern shown during their unfortunate situation. BWI Principal Mulbah  Jackollie, who reportedly received his school’s relief items, praised government for its quick response.

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