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Government rejects criticisms

Amara NDThe Government of Liberia or has expressed serious frustration over continued criticisms from the public in recent times. According to the government, many at times people criticized it for doing nothing to improve the living conditions of Liberians.

Liberia Finance and Development Planning Minister Amara Konneh said unnecessary criticisms against the government will not change anything because, according to him, there were many projects currently being implemented by the government – commitments and developments politicians fail to understand and recognize, to transform the living conditions of Liberians.
Minister Konneh made the remarks on Tuesday, September 8, 2015, at a ceremony to dedicate 52 housing units constructed by the National Housing Authority in Marshall Margibi County.
“While we are working hard to make our dreams into reality, there were people who find it enjoyable to undermine the government’s efforts by making statements not representative of the truth,” the minister noted.
“If Liberians will sit and listen to those individuals that want to seek the country’s downfall, then we will be heading another way; this place is for only Liberians and it is only Liberians themselves who can build up this country, though at times we as heads can dis agree with our colleagues, but Liberia still remains our common denominator; and so, we can find better solutions to the problems,” said Mr. Konneh.
“In the government, you don’t take money and give it to an individual; you rather put it in investment or you invest in goods that will benefit the majority of the people around you,” he said. He challenged critics who continuously claim that since the inception of the government, it has  achieved nothing, boasting that government’s initiatives  are very visible in Marshall, Paynesville, as well as Caldwell, among others.
“If nothing is done in the country at all, then a critic is right; but we are doing our best to reconstruct this country under certain circumstances- no matter what, Liberia is making tremendous progress; though it may seem little, but the idea is that we are leaving from somewhere to get somewhere; I’m not saying this because of job; I already have a job,” he said.
Meanwhile, the Finance and Development Planning Minister has  disclosed that the newly  dedicated housing units in Marshall will be highly electrified, with access to good roads, as well as water, among other basic social services.
“We are committed to doing these things for our people; which government will sit and allow its citizens to live in poverty?” Konneh questioned. The Deputy Managing Director for Administration at the National Housing Authority, Prince A. Wreh, told reporters that the government has taken one step ahead of its plan to develope the country through housing units, noting that the essence of constructing housing units in the country is to provide the enabling environment wherein citizens not privileged of owning homes can have affordable homes.
He said the government, through the NHA, was urging all Liberians to join this noble effort to ensure that citizens, who are not owners of houses, can make maximum use of the opportunity to become beneficiaries of such effort through Mortgage Down Payment of US $ 5,000.00.

By Lewis S. Teh – Edited by George Barpeen

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