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Government’s Intervention in Alarming ‘Ritualistic Killings’ Very Urgent

The need for the immediate intervention of the Government of Liberia, through the necessary and responsible security apparatus, in the current wave of ritualistic activities across the country cannot be over-emphasized.

This clarion call is against the backdrop of the persistent alarming rate of ritualistic killings in several parts of Liberia, including Bong, Nimba, Grand Bassa and Margibi Counties.


The fact that the Liberia National Police may not be capacitated to discourage or subdue such heinous crime against humanity at the moment; the attention of the government, especially the Presidency must be attracted.


Any intervention on the part of the Liberian Presidency must be public declaration of ritualistic killings as a “national enemy” drastic action and reinvigorating the spirit of the Liberia National Police morally and logistically to pursue such unbearable and heinous crime.


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Interestingly, in most cases ahead of elections (in this case –the 2017 General and Presidential Elections), these ritualistic activities – intended to extract major human parts, are executed by people who aspire for political and elected positions or their agents. Others also engage in such inhumane and barbaric activities to either solidify their positions or attract favor from the appointing authorities.


It is no secret that in parts of Liberia, including Margibi County, police authorities have publicly expressed to citizens their inability to respond, urging them to ensure their own peace and security. For us, this is not even healthy for the state.


Such personal security – probably through neighborhood vigilante and other private security groups as reportedly advised by some police authorities in the counties may further exacerbate the situation – especially in any situation of suspicion or actual commission of the crime. The innocent and others may also be victimized by mob reactions.


It is in view of the foregoing that we, again, re-emphasize the urgent need for the Government of Liberia – through the Presidency, to act now, in terms of issuing the necessary deterring threats against ritualistic killings, as well as ensuring the police is capacitated to respond to the alarming wave of this heinous crime.

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