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‘Gov’t and police conspiring against me’

--Former Chief Justice Cllr. Scott claim

By Lincoln G. Peters

Liberia’s former Chief Justice Cllr. Gloria Musu Scott says she suspects that the Government of Liberia and the Liberia National Police (LNP) are conspiring to threaten and make her a pool guy for the attacks in which her daughter Charloe was gruesomely murdered.

On Monday, 6 March 2023, Cllr. Scott told the Voice of America (VOA) Daybreak Africa program in an interview with James Butty that there was a conspiracy against her by the Government of Liberia and the National Police.  

“I think now what I listen to on the radio, not only from the police but from officials of the ruling party, it’s clearly indeed a conspiracy,” she said.

Inside the compound, the crime scene

“… Instead of looking and conducting a wide investigation, they are making all kinds of comments. In fact, it now sounds like a tree of thieves confusing the country and they just go through the motions to take whatever he says,’’ she noted.

Cllr. Scott’s daughter Charloe Musu was gruesomely murdered, and others were injured when armed assailants invaded the former Chief Justice and former Justice Minister’s Brewerville residence on 22 February 2023.

The grieving Liberian stateswoman said before the attack that caused her daughter’s life, she reported to the police and the Minister of Justice two previous armed robbery attacks at her residence.

But she said the government did nothing to deter the third attack which killed Charloe.

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Liberia’s former Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) chair Cllr. Jerome Verdier has alleged that Monrovia Mayor and ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) Secretary General Jefferson T. Koijee ordered Monrovia City Police Officer Varlee Telleh to attack the former Chief Justice.

But Koijee and Telleh have denied having any links to the attack against Cllr. Scott and her daughter Charloe’s murder.

However, Cllr. Scott told the VOA that instead of the police investigating the case, there seems to be a clear conspiracy against her.

The opposition Unity Party stalwart and former Maryland County Senator disclosed that despite not being arrested by the government through the LNP, the authorities have now made her the defendant in the case.

She said the government has put her in all the newspapers while she has not been officially arrested.

According to her, she and her entire household don’t feel safe any longer because the person who has been going to her house and killed her daughter is still outside.

The former Chief Justice told the VOA that many of the other children and people who visit her and are recognized by the public are also threatened because none of them feels safe.

“We don’t feel safe any longer. I have told them (children) not to leave the fence even though there are two armed men assigned at the gate. We are in serious insecurity. We hardly sleep, we hardly eat. Whoever did this act is still out there in the public,’’ said Cllr. Scott.

Giving account about her recent visit at the Liberia National Police headquarter in Monrovia, Cllr. Scott explained that the police invited her because they wanted to know about the incident that occurred at her residence on 22 February 2023.

According to her, the police requested her to describe what happened at her house. Cllr. Scott said she narrated to them that on February 8 and 9, someone went to her house, and she reported the case to the police depot.

Cllr. Scott further narrated that after the complaint, the police depot sent two officers at her residence to inspect the scene and they later returned to their police depot.

She said that interaction was before the third attack in which Charloe was murdered.

When asked by the interviewer if she thought that the police believed her explanation surrounding the incident or if they suspect that something else happened, Cllr. Scott indicated that it was a difficult question to answer.

“To say the truth, it’s a difficult question to answer. Maybe from what I see, it’s like a conspiracy to make me and the other members of the household terrified,” she said. 

Asked who wants to assassinate her and for what reason, Cllr. Scott responded that one of the things may be because of her legal representation with Grand Bassa County Senator Nyoblee Karnga-Lawrence’s faction of the Liberty Party (LP).

“I think maybe it’s because of my representation of Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence’s faction of the Liberty Party and also my call to the National Elections Commission to practice neutrality and capacity to conduct free and fair elections,” claimed Cllr. Scott. 

She explained that she does not know if that is what is responsible for the attacks. “Why [do] I say that? The people kept going to my home, it’s so brave and bold,” she argued.

Regarding Cllr. Verdier’s claims that Koijee ordered Telleh to assassinate her, Cllr. Scott said she knows Cllr. Verdier from the Law School, but she failed to state if she believes his allegation or not.

However, she also clarified that she is not having any contact with Cllr. Verdier for approximately twenty years and she doesn’t even know his telephone number.

“To tell you the truth, I don’t watch television and I also don’t listen to the radio because sometimes what people spew out on the radio considering my experiences from the war, it gives me the indication that the war is about to happen again. I just stay away from [doing] so,’’ she concluded.

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