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Gov’t demands WAEC results before graduation

By Kruah Thompson

The Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism (MICAT) has announced that there will be no graduation for any school until the West African Examinations Council (WAECs results are released. 

MICAT Deputy Minister for Public Affairs Jalawah A Tonpo proclaimed on behalf of the Minister of Education Thursday, 6 June 2023 at a regular briefing that the results will be fully released at the end of July.

Mr. Tonpo disclosed that all schools will reopen on 5 September 2023.

Additionally, he emphasized that the Ministry of Education has also announced that no school should charge more than US$100 or its equivalent in Liberian dollars (LRD) for graduation fees.

“We will not put burdens on our families, our parents, or self-supporting students,” he said. 

Additionally, Minister Tonpo has announced the closure of all schools in the country during the election week and warned that schools within Liberian territory must abide by this policy.

According to him, they are doing this ahead of time so that people can get prepared “because, by the time school reopens on 5, 2023, there will be no waste of time.”

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He said during the period of the election weeks, there will be no school. According to him, schools will reopen after the election weeks.

Additionally, Minister Tonpo expressed the hope that all administrators will comply with this regulation to ensure a smooth transition of the academic calendar. 

He warned that any school found violating these regulations will face appropriate punishments per the principles and guidelines of the Ministry of Education.

Meanwhile, he said the government hopes that all school administrators will abide by this policy statement.

Tonpo warned that schools will be doing it at their own risk if they graduate their students before the WAEC results are released.

“We will not have a state in state, or government in government. So, if you find yourself in the territorial bounds of Liberia, you have to abide by the rules … and policies laid down by the government,” he noted.

In another development, USAID has signed a USD$7.8-million-dollar partnership agreement to develop an agriculture company to straighten the agriculture sector of Liberia. 

Tonpo said the agreement is to boost the agriculture sector through the production of rice, oil palm, and rubber, respectively. 

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