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Govt. ignores JFK’s findings?

The Government of Liberia is yet to explain to the public why it did not consider a summary observation report on the body of the late former LPRC managing director Harry Greaves, by doctors at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center in Monrovia which revealed barrage of contradictions against findings of the state-sponsored autopsy conducted by foreign pathologists Dr. Thomas Bennett. and Dr. Matthias Okoye on the body. 

Officials at the ministry of information say they were aware of the J.F.K report but that the post molten report takes preeminence over the initial report. The Nebraska Institute of Forensic Sciences Pathologists Bennett and Okoye had reported: “There is no gross evidence of ante mortem traumatic injuries. Findings include multiple post mortem blunt traumatic musculoskeletal injuries and skin change consistent with prolonged immersion in sea water and impact on ocean rocks. There is no gross evidence of any anorectal trauma or penetration. Skin slippage was all over his body, from the prolonged immersion in the water, and there is no evidence to suggest that acid or other caustic substance was poured on this man.”

According to their autopsy findings released to the Government, Mr. Greaves died from Asphyxia by drowning, salt water, associated with: Immersion in sea water prolonged. They added that Mr. Greaves had Postmortem bloodless blunt traumatic injuries, consistent with impacts on ocean rocks, including laceration at the vertex of the scalp, C7-T1 spine intervertebral disc separation, and multiple posterior and left lateral rib fractures.

But an observatory report compiled by the state-owned John F. Kennedy Medical Centre says Mr. Greaves bled from the rectum when his body was discovered on the beach. The JFK report:
“We were called to examine the above named patient on January 31, 2016 at about 11: 57 a.m. According to the history given by the Directive who brought him to the Medical Center, he was missing for two(2) days and was last seen at the RLJ Hotel and later found behind the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the morning of January 31, 2016. On examination, the patient was lying at the back of a gray truck. He was very unidentifiable. There were no vital signs and was pronounced dead on arrival. Pupils were widely dilated and fixed. His entire body was blotted, apparently due to immersion in water. The head appeared swollen with about 3 to 4 centimeter deep-vertical laceration.

The right side of his mouth was not intact. His lips were swollen, and tongue protruding. There were blisters-like lesions from his neck down to his chest. There was noticeable peeling of the skin. Both arms were very swollen, large, contracted and stiff. The abdomen was blotted, and the rectum was widely dilated and oozing blood”, contrary to the report released by the Nebraska pathologists.

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