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Govt. is not sincere

-Robert Kpadeh

Former Deputy Minister for Technical Services at the Ministry of Information during the Sirleaf administration Robert Kpadeh joins the campaign by the Council of Patriots or CoP against recent pronouncement by the Government of Liberia to sell nine oil blocks in the country, saying that the George Weah-led government is not sincere to the Liberian people.

“you complain about taking over a broke economy, but your action is far from what you have said; you can’t ride luxurious cars, travelling with huge number of cabinet [minister] who make no impact is a complete contradiction that you met a broke country”, he says in reference to claim by President Weah that his government inherited a broke economy.

Appearing on OK Morning Conversation, a live talk show in Monrovia, Mr. Kpadeh argues the first thing President Weah should have done is to carry on a duty study of the economy after taking office, adding, “You met a challenged economy but yet you and your officials are buying big cars; this is a complete contradiction, you can’t complain about the country being broke while riding luxurious cars.”

According to him, the government can’t claim to have inherited a challenged economy while the President travels abroad with entourage, which sends a wrong signal.He underscores that government should be responsible and accountable, in order to put the country on the right trajectory.

Kpadeh wonders why would the President travel with huge entourage to China, and the United Nations General Assembly that bring to tangible result to the country.Commenting on protests by the CoP, he notes that qualms raised by the protest organizers are genuine, noting that a president must be very sensitive to the plights of his people.

Currently head of a new group, One People Revolution Movement, he says it is nonviolent and well structured with a genuine message to enlighten the people, because political governance here failed.
“Beginning 2020 we want to play a very critical role that seeks to enlighten, educate, and conscientize the people because the greatest weapon is knowledge, not guns.”

Kpadeh suggests that to fix the governing system in Liberia, the legislature should the quality of people that will make quality and sound decisions and ensure that the executive works in the interest of the people.

He says Liberia’s progress can’t be on the basis of campaign T-shirts but rather on the basis of people’s reputation, but according to him, the current lawmakers on Capitol Hill have failed the people.
By Lewis S. Teh-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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