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Govt restores Western Cluster Permit

----asked to carry out 30 tones

Western Cluster Liberia is said to be back in full operations following the restoration of their road user permit weeks after the Liberian Government suspended it.

Monrovia, Wednesday, June 5, 2024:- The Liberian government has finally restored the road user permit it imposed on Western Cluster Liberia, an Indian Iron Ore company operating in Western Liberia.

The Ministry of Public Works announced the restoration of the company’s Road User Permit (RUP) in a communication sent to the company on Wednesday.

In a communication addressed to Mr. Joseph Coeiho, Western Cluster Liberia Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Public Works Minister Roland Giddings said the; “restoration of the Road User Permit” is predicated upon WCL compliance in providing USD200,000 for the repairs of the road from Klay Junction to the St. Paul Bridge and the receipt of the assessment report to provide for the railway bridge parallel to the St. Paul Bridge.

The Minister said the communication sent to the institution serves as an official notification that the company’s Road User Permit (RUP—220620-004), which was suspended on May 3, 2024, has been restored.

Minister Giddings restored the permit under an agreed understanding and proviso that the institution widen the road by 5 meters with 2.5 meters with the condition that they provide proof of contract if applicable.

The government told the mining company that the allowable tons per truck (including 30 tonnes of payload and 15 tonnes for the empty weight of the truck) and total number of trucks should not exceed 125 trucks. Each truck should make at most two trips per day, which is equivalent to 250 trips per day. With a payload of 30 tonnes, the total number of weights per day must be 7,500 tonnes per month and 2.7 mega metric tonnes per annual (2.7MTPA).

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Additionally, the Minister said the institution should install a weighing bridge before the Po River Bridge at a point to be agreed upon between the Ministry of Public and WCL.

They instructed that if the railway bridge parallel to the St. Paul River Bridge is fully maintained, the maximum load to be carried on it should be 48 tons.

Various bridge components should be subjected to concrete and steel tests, and the bridge should be fully rehabilitated and maintained.

Additionally, they are mandated to carry out underwater investigations every six (6) months to confirm the integrity of the substructure. All steel members must be sandblasted and painted with three layers of anti-corrosive paint.

Additionally, it is requested mandated that the damaged members of the steel rails be replaced, regular inspection of the structure must be carried out once every three months for maintenance purposes.

The ministry provided a hotline (0770303676/0880914922) so that the public can report reckless driving. Minister Giddings mandated that WCL adhere to all the recommendations in the agreement. Edited by Othello B. Garblah

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