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Govt. takes no pleasure in jailing citizens

Deputy Information Minister Isaac W. Jackson, has clarified that the Government of Liberia takes no pleasure in sending citizens to the Monrovia Central Prison, but rather it is the law that sends citizens there, adding “if you come in conflict with the law, it shall take its course.”

He said there is no way the Government will take pleasure in sending to prison its citizens but when they violate the law and their lawyers fail to file the proper bond that is needed to set them free, the law comes in, not the government.

The deputy spokesperson of the government reminded that freedom of speech in every civilized society comes with responsibility rather than just saying things that will undermine the efforts of the government and put it in a difficult position.

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Appearing on O.K. FM “Lunch Time Conversation” Wednesday, March 2, 2016 Minister Jackson said recent comments by self-proclaimed advocate Vandala Patricksagainst the government is incriminatory, and “once you as an individual starts to make such statement against the government you must have sufficient evidence or proof that what you saying is correct.”

He noted that political disagreement cannot be equated to making incriminatory statement against the government. Commenting on the death of the late Harry Greaves, Minister Jackson plans are underway to contact the family of Mr. Greaves to conduct a second autopsy on the body, stressing the government wants to get to the bottom of this matter to put aside all the speculations, the second guessing that are circulating in the public concerning the death of the former LPRC Managing Director.

He argued that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf did not apply wickedness in her first term then why would she want to do so in her second term which is about to expire. “Even if you using common sense, you will know that this government will not kill anyone, because it did not happen in the first term; this President is a God-fearing mother, and she will not do what she has been accused of.”

Jackson described recent claim by self-proclaimed advocate Vandala Patrick as reckless, irresponsible and has no origin in truth but rather undermine the tireless efforts of President Sirleaf and the entire government.

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According to him, , the entire country is full of rumors, people did not understand why the late Harry Greaves left his house; these are things this government is eager to know by finding out the truth, and this how criminal investigators from the United States arrived here to carry out investigation.

He added that the U.S. investigators are here to find out the cause leading to the death of the former LPRC boss Harry Greaves, saying the question how did he leave his house; who called him at the RLJ hotel; what was he doing there; who was he talking to at the hotel; how did he leave the hotel before his lifeless body was discovered on the beach, these are things the investigators would want to establish.

The arrests of self-proclaimed advocate Vandala Patricks and another youth advocate Archie Sannoh, are two incidents that follow series of challenges against government’s handling of investigation into the death of Mr. Harry Greaves, which also had presidential hopeful Simeon Freeman fleeing the country after making indicting comments against the Sirleaf regime.

By Lewis S. Teh

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