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Liberia: Government to announce new covid-19 protocol

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-As new covid-19 rate increases at an alarming rate

The Liberian Government Thursday announced plans to introduce new COVID-19 guidelines as the number of people contracting the new strain of the virus here is increasing daily at an alarming rate.

Health officials say, as of Thursday, June 17, Liberia had about 2,862 confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 95 confirmed dead and 12 suspected.

However, since the third wave, which began from May 16 to June 15, there has been a peak of 256 cases.

Hospitals are said to be over crowded with people experiencing breathing difficulties, and that there are 50 patients in the treatment unit, 33 of whom are severely ill.

new covid-19

“This is far more alarming than a year ago when we were experiencing our first wave, and we are told that this new COVID -19 variant is even more deadly than the two previous strains experienced since last March when we got our Index case,” Weah told the nation Thursday.

Meanwhile, quoting health officials, President Weah said there are only 67,437 persons in Liberia who have taken one dose of the vaccine.

Weah said the new measure is intended to have a successful outcome against the new wave of the virus.

Weah: “Our Nation has been faced with many dangers and challenges in the past decade, but we have always shown our resilience as a People to stand together, rise up, and gather the will and courage to confront and overcome these dangers and threats.  I am of the strong conviction that, united in a concerted and collective approach, and backed by the full resources of Government, we will once again prevail over this new pestilence.

However, in order to achieve a successful outcome, we must once again take some hard decisions that will curtail some of our everyday freedoms, but always knowing that whatever measures we impose as a Government are for the common good and well-being of us all.

I have therefore mandated the Ministers of Health and Justice to immediately formulate new regulations and protocols that will assist in curbing the spread of this deadly disease.

These new Measures and Protocols, when announced within the next twenty-four hours, are to be strictly observed by all citizens and residents within our borders, and will be rigorously enforced by the security forces, where necessary.”

Meanwhile, Health Minister Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah is expected to announce the new COVID protocols at about 11 AM this morning (Friday June 18).

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