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Grand Bassa Politics: Anthony Neki Barchue takes Bassa by storm

Independent Senatorial candidate Anthony N. Barchue, alias “Talk and Do” is taking Grand Bassa County by storm, though not much is heard of him in the media.

Even before he was pushed on to enter the crowded Senatorial race in Grand Bassa, Barchue had been working quietly making interventions that have brought relief to the people of Grand Bassa thus earning him the nick name: “Talk and Do.”

Barchue’s humanitarian gestures ranges from building market hall, to schools and donating generators and a vehicle to the Liberian National Police detachment in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

“We are doing very well in Bassa and people are not hearing these things because we don’t want to blow our trumpets in public. We just want to do them quietly”, Barchue told the New Dawn in Monrovia recently.

Barchue says his team’s approach is to focus on the enforcement of the “Compulsory Primary Education’s law” of Liberia in order to minimize the high rate of illiteracy in the country; support of “Compulsory Emergency Health care” and insurance for all person and peoples of Grand Bassa County and the country at large; acess to quality pre-hood / primary education; a sustainable middle class economic empowerment; Sustainable Mechanized Agriculture Programs and Infrastructural development among others.
Who is Barchue?

Barchue is an humanitarian turned politician and CEO, Hope Foundation International Liberia (HFIL) Inc. A passionate and focused philanthropist. He worked with the CELLCOM GSM Company prior to the establishment of the mentioned supra foundation.

He is a Liberian national and professional who hailed from Grand Bassa County is a residence of BIA, St. John River City, electoral District #2 Grand Bassa County and is referred to as 100% TALK AND DO” due to his numerous social and infrastructure developments in the County;

His aim is providing effective and constructive oversight, law making and representation in an effort of good governance; for the provision and promotion of social security to all person and peoples of Grand Bassa, and the Republic of Liberia.

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Barchue told the New Dawn that his vision is integrating Grand Bassa County into the larger Liberian’s Development Vision 2030; He says, he anticipates transforming Grand Bassa County from low class to middle class sustainable economic empowerment, social security and infrastructural development.

Currently, Barchue’s Hope Foundation has constructed a story building which is in use as a means of providing access to quality free Primary Education in the county.

He says, his desire is to build within (5) five years period, beginning from 2020– 2025 A.D, “we will build (5) five free Pre-hood schools within the (5) five electoral districts of Grand. Bassa County; one of which is now under construction in BIA, St. John River City with the programs of free health care , free feeling program, free transportation for all admission students.

Donated a generator to Radio Diaenblay, #1 electoral district 2020;
The Zoegar’s Market, Tubman Street, Buchanan City, Grd. Bassa Co. 2020;

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