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Grand Cape Mount: Illicit Hunting On The Rise

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Credible information from Gola Konneh District in Grand Cape Mount County indicates that illicit hunting is on the rise in the Gola Forest. Hundreds of unknown hunters from Sierra Leone and Liberia are said to be involved in the illicit hunting taking place in the Forest.The Gola Forest in  Cape Mount County contained some of Liberia’s best animal species.

Speaking to the New Dawn, the Town Chief of Jenneh Manna Town in Gola Konneh District, Sengbeh McGill said that sound of single barrel guns are heard in the forest on a daily basis. Mr. McGill said several bags of dry meat were being transported from the Gola Forest mainly by loggers operating in Grand Cape Mount County.

According to Mr. McGill, such an operation in the Gola Forest is causing some serious problem especially for the locals in the area. He said if nothing is done about this illicit hunting, the beautiful species in the forest will be depleted.

Town chief McGill is therefore calling on the Liberian Government, through the Forestry Development Authority to assign some forest guard to help prevent people from destroying the forest. He also added that local county authorities need to empower his office to stop the illegal hunting in the Gola Forest.

It can be recalled that two weeks ago, FDA organized a two day stakeholders’ consultative forum in the county, creating awareness on the need to preserve the Gola forest and turn into a National Gola Park.

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